You’re an Alpha Female if You Possess These 20 Traits

Many think there is no such thing as an alpha female, but in truth, they exist, and you can typically see them in your homes as your mom or in your offices as a thriving girl boss. Alpha females are very confident and assertive and can reach the top through their actions and decisions. No matter where they are, alpha females inspire and motivate other women to be strong, confident, and sure of themselves!

They Are Fiercely Independent

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Women have been portrayed as damsels in distress, but the truth is that they are more than capable of being independent and successful on their own. Females who know how to stand on their own feet and do things on their own are alpha females who can dominate a crowd—no matter how challenging it may seem on the outside. We all know the saying, “strong, independent woman,” and the truth is that all women can be this kind of woman, so long as they learn how to break out of their shells!

They Exude Confidence

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While you can fake it till you make it, you can never fake self-confidence. This is something alpha females exude in everything they do. They are confident in their abilities and decisions and are not afraid to act or say something.

They Are Ambitious Go-Getters

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You should never make the mistake of saying that a woman shouldn’t have goals or dreams just because they’re a woman. Dr. Gene Constant has an article published on LinkedIn in which he says, “Alpha females have an unwavering belief in their ability to succeed and are motivated by ambition and self-assurance.” Given this quality of theirs, they set clear objectives and dedicate themselves to achieving them.

They Gravitate Toward Leadership Roles

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Typical gender roles at the workplace make for a male-dominated office. However, women are slowly but surely getting their feet in the doors, and alpha females are taking the lead and gravitating toward leadership roles. Sage Journal says, “The alpha female is a woman who reports being a leader, feeling a sense of superiority or dominance over other females, having others seek her guidance, feeling extroverted in social situations, believing that males and females are equal.”

They Possess High Emotional Intelligence

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Alpha females have extreme self-confidence, but this doesn’t mean they are oblivious to their shortcomings and how others can help them improve. Because of this, alpha females are usually characterized as having high emotional intelligence or a high emotional quotient. They are capable of putting themselves in others’ shoes and relating to them, and they are also capable of knowing when they need to relent and ask for help from others.

They Are Very Resilient

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No one is perfect, and we all make mistakes. However, the ability to bounce back and stand up after a fall sets alpha females apart from their other female or male counterparts. They are resilient in the face of whatever obstacle or challenge may come their way. Additionally, they think about things differently: while others think setbacks are hindrances, they view them as opportunities for learning and growth.

They Are Open-Minded and Understanding

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Yes, there are times when alpha females can appear controlling, aggressive, and competitive. However, deep down, they can step back and see the bigger picture because of their high emotional intelligence. They are open to new ideas and insights and first try to understand where the other is coming from before they counter their arguments. In terms of relationships, alpha females are also very open-minded; they know what they want and don’t have time for mind games.

They Are Decisive and Trust Their Instincts

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There’s this thing people call “women’s intuition.” Their innate gut instinct helps them make decisions and figure out the best angle of how to approach things. However, not all women trust their gut as much; some are even afraid to trust themselves for fear of making mistakes. This is where an alpha female shines, as she is decisive, trusting of her instincts, and unafraid to try and make mistakes.

They Are Assertive and Unafraid of Speaking Out

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Since the olden times, most women have been believed to be meek followers of their male counterparts. However, today, more and more women are finding the courage within them to speak out, be assertive, and be outspoken. An article from Medium explains, “They are not afraid to speak their minds and express their opinions. Alpha females are assertive and can be direct in their communication, ensuring that their voice is heard.”

They Do Their Best to Uphold Their Morals and Values in Every Situation

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Some people prefer to take shortcuts to reach their goals. Sadly, this shortcut means turning away from the morals and values that make one a good person. No matter how much she craves success, an alpha female will never do this. She values integrity, and therefore, she upholds her moral principles in whatever she does—in all aspects of life.

They Are Trustworthy and Dependable

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When someone thinks of a dependable and trustworthy person, they usually think of a male image. However, alpha women are breaking barriers to this common way of thinking, ensuring everyone knows she’s trustworthy and dependable. Because of her innate qualities of assertiveness, integrity, ambition, and the like, she shows that we can look to her for help and assistance, too!

They Are Goal-Oriented and Determined to Succeed

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Alpha females are go-getters who know what they want and what they need to do to get it. Because of this, they are usually seen as goal-oriented people who are determined to reach the top. To them, it doesn’t matter how hard the hike up to the top is; the only thing that matters is that they do their best and give all they can to succeed!

They Set Boundaries to Protect Their Time and Energy

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If there’s one thing we need to know about alpha females, it’s that they know their worth. Because of this, you’d never see them trying to please others, especially if they’re already damaging their self-worth. This goes for both their personal relationships and their relationships at work.

They Pull Other Women Up

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Alpha females aren’t toxic, and you’ll never see them trying to push other women down. For them, it’s not about competition or who will come out at the top. Instead, what’s important is that they serve as an inspiration or a source of motivation and encouragement for others to do their best to succeed in their goals.

They Are Great at Adjusting and Adapting to New and Challenging Situations

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Adapting and adjusting to change is difficult no matter what phase in life you’re in. In fact, some even want to completely avoid anything related to change. It’s different for alpha females, though, as they thrive in challenging situations. No matter how often they have to adapt and adjust, they do it because they know change is inevitable, and it’s only through hard times that they can reach their goals.

They Know How to Accept Constructive Criticism

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Let’s face it; accepting when you’re wrong is hard. However, no matter how difficult it is, alpha females face constructive head-on. They know that this kind of criticism will help them become better individuals, so they don’t shy away from them. It’s a different story if the criticism isn’t constructive, though, as alpha females know their worth and will never stay quiet if someone attempts to step on their dignity!

They Are Obsessive Learners Who Love to Gain New Insights

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Alpha females know they aren’t perfect and still have much to learn. Because of this, they take any and every opportunity to learn and expand their knowledge. According to an article from Medium, “Researchers found that alpha women are obsessive learners; they never stop learning new things, and they ask more questions to understand and learn better. They believe constant learning helps them grow professionally and personally.”

They Know How Strong They Are—in Every Aspect

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Strength doesn’t necessarily mean something physical. Yes, some women can be physically strong, but alpha women are strong in a different sense. They know their worth and can overcome whatever challenge or failure they might face in life. Sometimes, being emotionally strong is much more important than being physically strong, and this is something we can find in most alpha females.

They Have Strong Family Ties

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Women won’t be the women they are without a role model; for most alpha females, that role model is their mom. However, they can also view their dads or older sisters as role models. According to the Institute for Family Studies, “Women have greater difficulty in forging and maintaining strong relationships as adults when they have been exposed to family instability or dysfunction as children.” Given this, we can conclude that alpha females—girl bosses or those who thrive in life—most likely had a stable family and strong family ties, even in adulthood.

They Understand That Self-Care Is Important for Success

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Females have this innate maternal instinct that drives them to care for the people they love. However, what sets alpha females apart is knowing when enough’s enough and recognizing when it’s their turn to be taken care of. Alpha females, after all, understand that self-care is a crucial ingredient for success. They can never reach true success or fulfillment if they aren’t happy with themselves or if they aren’t cared for properly.

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