20 Things That Make Any Woman Way More Attractive to Men

Before someone actually falls in love with a person, they must first be attracted to them. This is why many people say there’s no such thing as love at first sight—only attraction at first sight. However, a woman is made up of many things, from her looks to her values and personality. If you want to learn more, check out our article on the top 20 things men find attractive in women!


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Many men are attracted to women with an air of confidence around them. After all, confident women are secure women. This means they don’t play around with things like jealousy. Aside from this, they aren’t needy and don’t require constant reassurance from their partners.

Sense of Humor

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A paper from the Singapore Management University showed that when someone is considering a “potential mate” or partner, a sense of humor is a “highly desirable” characteristic for both men and women. Then, as shown in a paper by Justin Harris Moss of the University of Carolina Wilmington, there were notably higher levels of Initial romantic attraction and likeability when both parties’ humor styles matched.


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Psychology Today shared an article by Wendy Patrick that zooms in on intelligence and whether it’s a point of attraction or not. According to the results, “Men were more attracted to women who displayed more intelligence than they had.” Relationships, after all, are partnerships. To be successful, people on both sides of the spectrum should be able to contribute equally.


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This might seem like a no-brainer. Sadly, loyalty is scarce nowadays. A relationship can have so much love, but without loyalty, it’ll never last.

Independence and Maturity

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Independence and maturity go hand in hand with confidence. The Good Men Project notes that “independent women are a unique and attractive breed.” Great partners will undoubtedly be attracted to women who can care for themselves and have their own identities. Only those who are immature would be intimidated by the air of confidence an independent and mature woman has.

The Ability to Take the Lead

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In the old days, the pressure to take the lead was always on the man. However, as times have changed, more and more men want women to take the lead, too. Thus, they are attracted to women who do not hesitate to initiate progress in their relationship.

A Cheerful and Positive Attitude

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It’s easy to get intimidated to reach out to someone with a cold exterior or angry poker face. This is why having a cheerful disposition makes a woman so attractive to a man. According to an article published on LinkedIn, “A cheerful face makes a woman much more approachable and appealing to men, whether it’s online or in-person.”

A Great Personality

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Business Insider notes that a study conducted at a British university showed that men preferred personality traits over physical traits. They were more attracted to personality traits like kindness, assertiveness, and openness than body size.


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Being honest makes you vulnerable. However, according to Efrona Mor, writer and author of epic fantasy, honesty brings out the great in someone. Men are more attracted to honest women because when they are truthful, their actions, reactions, and emotions convey trust and reliability. She said, “Honesty is a fundamental component of our core relationship credibility.”


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As the saying goes, respect is a two-way street. Unless someone is disrespectful himself, he wouldn’t find a disrespectful woman attractive. According to Lyn Smith, a life coach and public speaker, men value being respected more than they value feeling loved, so when a woman is respectful, those will undoubtedly add points to their books!

An Alluring Voice

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Health Digest notes that women prefer men with deep, low voices because it shows that men are masculine, dominant, and strong. On the contrary, men tended to prefer women with higher-pitched voices. This is because, for them, it indicates youth, femininity, and smaller bodies.

Calmness and Rationality

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Drama is one thing that’s permanently associated with women, especially women in relationships. However, if it becomes too much, drama can be tiring. This is why men value calm and rational women who can communicate their troubles well instead of resorting to fights, shouting, and maybe even public embarrassment.

Good Listening Skills

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Kristine Fellizar of Bustle said that one of the best but most underrated qualities one can have is being a good listener. Just look at it this way: You go on and on about who you are and what makes you tick, but when your partner starts telling you about who he is, you shut him down or do your best to bring the conversation back to you. Aside from being disrespectful, this act is also very selfish.

A Woman Who Can Make Him a Better Man

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There’s a reason that people who’ve found the one for them always say that the other is their better half. Whether you’re a man or a woman, you should strive to be someone who can make your partner a better person. Listen and offer sound advice whenever needed; spend quality time with them, respect them, and help them realize their goals.

Someone He Can Treat as an Equal

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The University of Lisbon affirms the role of man as the provider of the family. However, in a relationship, the man shouldn’t always be burdened with everything. Because a relationship is a partnership, a man is naturally attracted to a woman who can make up for his flaws and shortcomings—someone he can treat as an equal.

A Woman Who’s Comfortable With His Friends and Family

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When a man gets into a relationship, he’s supposed to be adding another thread to his life—not severing the ones he already has. This is why it’s so important for a woman in a man’s life to be comfortable with his family and friends. Everyone should be able to live in harmony with one another because if not, his relationships—with family, friends, or even his partner—will crumble.


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For Focus on the Family, men are the first people to stand up—both literally and figuratively—when a need arises. And because they crave equality with the women they are with, they want them to be ambitious, too. When a woman is ambitious, she rises to the challenge; she becomes more in tune with her partner, who always steps up when needed. Mitzi Hernandez of Thought Catalog said, “Men want to feel like the winners of the world; therefore, they want a woman who’s ambitious with her own goals.”

Caring and Compassionate

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While men can be attracted to a woman’s physical appearance, what truly matters to them, especially in the long run, is that their partner, wife, or girlfriend understands them. This is intimacy in the truest sense. So, when a woman is caring and compassionate and can show a man how she can take care of him, she’ll become even more attractive in his eyes!


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Men are often seen as the romantic ones in a relationship. However, occasionally, they’d appreciate a romantic gesture from their partners, too! Men are usually initiators, but when a woman initiates anything romantic, it’s always a huge bonus and plus point for them.

Someone Who Values Cleanliness

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Kurt Smith, a therapist in California, was quoted in a HuffPost article by Kelsey Borresen. He said, “Poor hygiene can have a big impact on relationships.” Aside from affecting physical attraction and intimacy, the lack of hygiene and cleanliness can also be a pain point in a couple’s communication. Something as simple as bad breath can lead to your partner refusing to kiss you or get close to you, and in the long run, may cause serious problems to arise in your relationship.

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