9 Ponytail Palm Benefits

If you’re searching for an indoor plant for your home, a ponytail palm would be the perfect choice, whether you want to add some color or style to your space or need more valuable benefits!

The ponytail palm or the Beaucarnea recurvata is a succulent rather than a palm despite its common name. However, they have very similar beneficial qualities, making them excellent houseplants that are easy to care for.

The ponytail palm is generally seen as an ornamental plant that can reach up to 10 feet indoors. It is also very easy to maintain and is drought-tolerant due to its succulent qualities.

Ponytail Palm Benefits
Photo by Judgefloro, CC0, via Wikimedia Commons

The plant is also known for filtering out harmful toxins, adding fresh air to your home, and being safe for pets. 

The wide trunk plant is slow-growing but a great addition to your home with many benefits for your living environment. 

Ponytail Palm Benefits

1. Filters Indoor Air

Ponytail palms naturally filter the air around them.

According to a research study, ponytail palms can successfully remove carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide. In the process of filtering air, the plant will also release oxygen.

Adding a houseplant like a ponytail palm to your home will improve your air quality.

2. Adds Oxygen

The ponytail palm will naturally produce oxygen by removing carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide. The succulent has many leaves that fountain out of its trunk.

With its many leaves, the plant can produce an incredible amount of fresh air.

The more fresh air is added to your home, the more your living environment will be positively mentally and physically impacted.

3. Removes Harmful Toxins

According to NASA’s plant study, the ponytail palm is a great indoor plant for removing harmful toxins in the air.

The plant can successfully remove toxins such as formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia. Particles like formaldehyde can cause irritations to your respiratory system and even lead to other illnesses.

By adding a ponytail palm to your living space, you will not have to worry about these harmful particles being in your air.

The plant can successfully remove these toxins and create an environment that’s easy to breathe and live in.

4. Adds Humidity 

Indoor plants such as the ponytail palm can increase humidity. According to a study, indoor plants can increase your humidity by adding almost one quart of water vapor every hour.

Added humidity can positively affect your living space. Dry air allows for viruses and other airborne illnesses to survive for a longer period.

In a humid environment, these viruses can die off more quickly.

Humidity can also positively affect your sleep quality and even help increase your work and learning productivity. Adding a ponytail palm to your home can significantly impact your home as it can fight viruses and improve your productivity.

5. Positively Impacts Mental Health

The ponytail palm can improve your mental health by removing toxins and adding fresh air.

A research study found that indoor plants similar to the ponytail palm can help increase work productivity and overall happiness.

The added oxygen and the minimized harmful chemicals can increase productivity and create a more positive environment.

The fresh air can improve your learning and relieve stress and mental strain.

6. Great For Allergy Sufferers

Due to the ponytail palm’s ability to improve air quality while also adding humidity, the plant can effectively fight against allergies.

The plant can successfully remove harmful particles that may cause an allergy attack. The humidity can also lessen the chances of an allergic reaction to particles similar to pollen and dust.

7. Pet Friendly

Many homeowners worry about the toxicity of a plant when adding a new houseplant to their collection.

Thankfully, the ponytail palm has been added to ASPCA’s list of one of the few plants that are completely non-toxic to dogs and cats.

With a ponytail palm, you can have the added health benefits along with it being completely safe for your animals. So, if you need a pet-friendly houseplant, this would be a great choice!

8. Low Maintenance

Similar to indoor palms, despite being a succulent plant, the ponytail palm is an excellent choice for beginner houseplant owners.

It is also great for experienced plant owners who need help to tend to their plants regularly. As mentioned, it’s drought-tolerant and enjoys bright, indirect light or full sun.

Native to Mexico, this succulent also rarely needs to be repotted as it is a slow grower. It will only need to be pruned when dead or yellowing leaves exist. It also will only need to be fertilized in the growing seasons.

The low-maintenance plant is a great addition to your home as it has few needs and can tolerate neglect. If you forget to water it, it can easily wait until the next time you remember to.

9. Adds a Modern Style to Your Home

The ponytail palm can easily add green and brown tones to your home.

The dark green foliage and broad trunk can add color to your home and add to any aesthetic. Your living space can be easily brightened with the addition of a ponytail palm.

The younger the plant is, the smaller it may be. This means you can simply place it on the table or on a countertop.

Conversely, if you get a more mature ponytail palm, you can place it in a bright corner of your living space to fill the room with a sophisticated look.

Along with its added health benefits, the ponytail palm can not only be safe for your pets but also create a comfortable space in your home with the added greenery.

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