11 Benefits of Adding a Hoya Plant to Your Home

The Hoya plant (Hoya carnosa) is a slow-growing vine often called a wax or honey plant. Its leaves are thick and waxy and hold water, making them considered succulents.

The plant is also known as a porcelain flower because flowers sprout in star-like clusters when it blooms. However, getting them to bloom can be difficult as they only do so when they are completely matured after several years.

11 Benefits to Adding a Hoya Plant to Your Home
Photo by Fan Wen, CC BY-SA 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

The vine can grow for numerous years and is quite easy to maintain as it is drought-tolerant. However, apart from low maintenance, the Hoya has multiple benefits for your home.

The Hoya can help your home air, and when applied topically, the plant can work as an anti-inflammatory and antioxidant.

It’s also safe for pets and can add great style to your home!

11 Hoya Plant Benefits

The wax plant has numerous benefits for your health and home.

The plant can naturally purify your air and can even help with allergies.

1. Air Purifying Qualities

The Hoya plant and other indoor plants can easily and naturally remove carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, and even toxic particles in your air.

Research studies show that indoor plants can create clean home air due to their natural filtration system.

2. Naturally Releases Oxygen

Due to its ability to remove carbon dioxide from the air, the Hoya plant can easily add oxygen to your home air because of its filtration.

By removing the carbon dioxide and adding fresh oxygen, your home air will become a more positive environment by aiding your mental health, productivity, and learning ability.

3. Aids With Positive Mood and Productivity

Research studies have found that indoor plants like the wax plant can improve your mental health.

The added oxygen and clean air can create a productive work environment. Clean air quality can also help create a conducive learning space.

Having fresh oxygen in your home can allow physical and mental recovery. The Hoya plant can relieve negative emotions and replenish energy from a long week.

Due to their natural filtration system, the Hoya plant can positively impact your home.

4. Added Humidity

The Hoya plant can easily increase the humidity in your air by gradually releasing water vapor throughout the day. The added humidity can increase your productivity and even help you sleep better at night.

The added humidity can also help remove viruses and diseases from your home air. In dry air, viruses can survive much longer than in humid air.

The added humidity will help stop you from getting sick and can save you from getting a contagious disease.

5. Effective Against Allergies

Due to the Hoya’s natural filtration system, the improved air quality and the added humidity can effectively help allergy sufferers.

When the Hoya plant removes harmful particles in the air and adds humidity, it can make allergy attacks less severe. The added humidity also helps stop an allergic reaction from happening at all.

6. Anti-inflammatory

Hoya plants have what are called “terpenes” in the flower. This ingredient is a natural anti-inflammatory.

The terpenes can help with many things and ailments, such as breakouts on your face. This ingredient can even make your skin brighter!

You can use this natural substance on your face and skin to help clean your pores and protect your skin, leaving a radiant glow.

The flower extract can also help smoothen your skin when exposed to pollutants or toxins.

7. Heals Wounds

Because the Hoya is a natural anti-inflammatory, it can also help people with external wounds. The Hoya plant can promote healing in the skin and even protect it from anything that could harm the wound.

The Hoya plant also has an active ingredient known as “phytosterols.” This ingredient helps hydrate your skin, creates a barrier to protect the skin, and revitalizes the area.

It can also remove any redness and help with swelling due to its natural healing properties.

8. Antioxidant

The Hoya plant has “flavones” in its flower extract as well.

This chemical is a powerful antioxidant that promotes new cell growth and aids in the healing of all kinds. It can reduce any type of inflammation.

9. Low Maintenance and Easy to Care For

Hoyas are great for any plant enthusiast and are also suitable for beginners. Their glossy and elegant leaves are bright and can stay bright no matter the neglect that they may face.

While their blooms are brief and difficult to obtain, the plant itself can live for several years and is very low maintenance.

Hoyas do great in medium to bright indirect light. They do not require too much humidity and prefer their soil to be completely dry before their next watering.

However, if the leaves of your Hoya variety are on the thinner side, they will hold less water, and you will need to water the plant more frequently than other varieties.

You can place them in your kitchen, bathroom, or even living room and let them thrive on their own without needing to water the plant or constantly mist it.

10. Safe for Pets

The wax plant is completely safe for cats and dogs. If you are worried about your pets in your home, a Hoya plant is the perfect choice!

If your pet tends to nibble on your plants or if it gets into the plant, you will not need to rush your pet to the vet. The Hoya is a perfect household for those with pet-friendly homes.

11. Added Antique and Modern Style to Your Home

Hoyas are known for being a collector’s plant. Many call Hoya collectors “Hoya hoarders” as they may have several variations and hybrids.

The Hoya can fill your room with a deep green and add an antique style to your home due to its collective nature.

Along with its bright and fragrant blooms, the Hoya can fill your room with modernity and add greenery to your home. The Hoya is a beautiful green vine with many health benefits for your mood and skin.

The plant can even help with allergies and purify your air. Even with all its health benefits, it is perfect for a home with pets as it is pet-friendly and can be a great addition to your home.