11 Amazing Asparagus Fern Benefits And Facts

Asparagus fern or asparagus setaceus is a climbing plant that could be a great addition to your home. While it has “fern” in its name, it is not actually a fern. Its leaves resemble those of a fern, but it is actually a perennial herb.

The herb can reach up to 30 inches in height and grows upright with thick foxtail-like stems. Its stems give it the nickname of the foxtail fern.

Asparagus Fern Benefits
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The plant can tolerate full indirect sun to partial shade, so you can easily grow it indoors and outdoors. It has great benefits for your home and your health.

The asparagus fern does a great job filtering air and toxins, and when eaten, it can help with heart problems and bug bites.

11 Asparagus Fern Benefits

The asparagus fern has many benefits for your health, air quality, and home.

Let’s discuss each one of its benefits below!

1. Great Air Purifier

Indoor plants like asparagus ferns can effectively remove carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide from your home air.

According to research studies, indoor plants like the asparagus fern can create clean air for your home through their natural flirtation system.

2. Releases Oxygen

The asparagus fern has hundreds of tiny leaves throughout each stem, and each leaf can produce a good amount of oxygen.

The perennial herb can release plenty of oxygen by filtering the air and removing carbon dioxide. By doing so, the increased oxygen can positively impact your everyday life and living environment.

3. Improved Mental Health

Research studies have found that indoor plants can positively impact your mental health.

This is due to the air’s added oxygen and natural filtration system. The asparagus fern can easily do a great job making clean air for your home.

With more clean air in your environment, you will be more productive and have a conducive learning space.

The herb can create a space that promotes physical and mental recovery. Indoor plants can also relieve negative emotions due to the air quality. Asparagus ferns can create an enhanced environment due to the clean air it produces.

4. Added Humidity to The Air

The asparagus fern can increase humidity by releasing water vapor every hour. The added humidity can positively impact your home. Water vapor can improve your work productivity and sleep.

Along with the added mental health benefits, the herb can also effectively remove viruses and diseases from your air.

This is due to the added humidity. If your home air is too dry, viruses and diseases will survive longer, causing you to get sick.

However, with the added humidity from an asparagus fern, you will be less likely to become sick from a virus or a contagious disease.

5. Natural Anti-inflammatory

When the foxtail fern was used 2,500 years ago, its common use was to heal bug bites and toothaches. In fact, the herb is still used for bee stings to this day.

Since it is a herb and also known as a medicinal herb, it has many medical uses. One of them is to be used as a natural anti-inflammatory.

The herb can help with swelling from bug bites, such as bee stings, and any other body pain you may be experiencing.

6. Aid With Heart Problems

While not medically proven, the foxtail fern is known for aiding people with heart problems.

The herb is known for its ability to help with inflammation and even help detoxify your body. By doing this, the plant can aid your heart and strengthen your body.

The herb may not completely solve one’s heart condition. However, it can aid your body while it is healing from any issues you may be suffering from.

7. Natural Detoxifier

The asparagus fern is a natural detoxifier for your body. Along with helping with pain and inflammation, the fern can even help fight against cancer and osteoarthritis.

The herb is known for detoxifying your body and relieving it of any stress caused by injury or disease. It can even slow the effects of aging due to its ability to detoxify and refresh your body.

8. Successfully Fights Against Allergies

Since asparagus ferns improve the air quality of your home, they can easily help allergy sufferers.

The herb can remove harmful particles from the air through its filtration and even by adding humidity to your home environment.

The more humid your home is, the lower the chances of an allergic reaction happening.

9. Low Maintenance and Easy to Care For

Asparagus ferns are a relatively easy plant to care for. They can tolerate bright indirect sunlight through a window or even partial shade.

However, it is important that they get enough humidity. They do best away from draft and preferably in a bathroom. If not, you can easily mist the plant every now and again.

You should only water the herb once or twice a week when the soil gets dry. They are also drought tolerant, so if you miss a watering, it can wait until the next time you remember.

10. Indoor and Outdoor Plant

Another great benefit of the foxtail fern is that it can go either indoors or outdoors. The plant can survive on the windowsill in your home, or if you decide to move it, you can take it outside on your porch.

While you will not get the benefits of having an indoor plant, you will still get its medical herb uses. However, you can easily move the plant around as it can handle both environments.

11. Added Modern and Historical Style to Your Home

The asparagus fern grows naturally in Africa and Asia. The herb has been eaten as a vegetable since its cultivation in 3,000 BC. Scientists have even uncovered images of the plant in an Egyptian tomb.

In ancient Rome, it was even known as a prized vegetable and has since been known for its medical uses. Due to its rich history, the foxtail fern is filled with historical value along with a modern appearance.

The fern comes with great medical uses along with many added benefits to your home environment. Along with its modern style and rich history, an asparagus fern would be a great addition to your home.

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