20 Things That Women Just Can’t Stand as They Get Older

As women age, they encounter several bothersome issues that can be pretty frustrating. These annoyances can be minor daily inconveniences or more significant societal problems; some may even be things they used to enjoy when they were younger! For example, when they were younger, there’s a high probability that they enjoyed partying or going to concerts; now that they’re older, their ears are more sensitive to noise, and thus, they find it bothersome to be stuck in big crowds. If you’re curious and want to know more, check out our list of the top 20 things that annoy women as they age!

Uncomfortable Travel Methods

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The older one gets, the more intolerant they become of uncomfortable things. One of the main pain points for middle-aged women, especially those who commute, is uncomfortable travel methods. They simply are less patient when it comes to being stuck in a cramped bus or in a car without air conditioning or heating systems.


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A lot of people drink and continue drinking well into their old age. Though middle-aged and older women still drink, many find themselves in a love-hate relationship with alcohol. While alcohol can make you feel better for a specific moment, it can also be detrimental to your health, especially in old age. The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism listed high blood pressure, osteoporosis, memory problems, and more as possible side effects of alcohol drinking in older adults.

Shitty Jobs

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Most people start working before they are even 20 years old. So, if they’re already in their 50s, they would’ve been working for 30 or more years already! This makes them intolerant of lousy management. They’ve had enough of being in a hostile or negative environment since they were young that, when there are any signs of work abuse or degradation now, they just want out!

Sexism at Work

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Apart from ageism, older people, especially women, face sexism in their workplace. SHRM notes, “​As they grow older, women face more misperceptions about their dedication and productivity in the workplace.” Older women, unfortunately, face roadblocks such as the belief that they’re not promotable or worth investing in just because of their age. Others believe they can’t keep up and compete at work in terms of physical stamina or mental capacity.

Small Talk with Strangers

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Small talk with people you already know can be a chore. So, imagine having to talk with complete strangers just because they’re overly friendly! In fact, it’s not just middle-aged women who hate this practice. The majority, or around 71% of Americans surveyed in a study, preferred silence to small talk.

Window Shopping

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Window shopping is a common activity, especially for younger people. However, at some point, you reach an age where you simply want to get things done. So, for some middle-aged women, window shopping is a big no-no; they instead shop with a purpose—with a mission.

Women Who Attack Other Women

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Women are often portrayed as people who are instinctively wary of other women, especially if those women have qualities that they don’t have. However, as you age, you gain a broader perspective of the world around you. So, an increasing number of middle-aged women become more aware that people need to stop hurting each other. Instead, women need to build each other up!

People With No Sense of Punctuality

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Time is a valuable resource, especially for older people who’ve slowly realized this fact. So, older women absolutely hate it when other people are constantly late to events. This is especially so when it comes to more intimate meetings, such as lunches, brunches, or dinners.

Entitled People

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Society typically views younger people as entitled. However, for middle-aged women, some people from their age group could appear entitled, too, especially with the concept of time. For example, one of their friends could whine and rant on the phone for hours, never considering if their friend had time for them that day. Because of this, they have learned to prioritize themselves and refuse to be at the beck and call of their friends.

Sexism and Misogyny

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Sexism and misogyny are unfortunately present in all aspects of life and society—not just work. Though middle-aged women tend to let things go in the past, because they are older now and more knowledgeable, they know that they don’t have to suck these things up. The University of Melbourne also notes, “Reducing sexism and harassment has the capacity to provide safer environments for everyone, be better for mental health, and produce more diverse opportunities.”

Waiting for Hours

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Many new trending restaurants and cafes have popped up recently, especially with the help of social media. Because of this, younger generations clamor to have a go at these places, even if they need to wait hours in line. However, this is something middle-aged or older women have no patience for. They’d happily pass on a newly opened restaurant or cafe and wait till the hype dies down for a taste.

Loud Music in Public Spaces

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Unlike younger people who can easily adjust to the volume of loud sounds, older people aren’t able to do so. They remain sensitive to loud volumes, mainly because the nerve fibers and hair cells in their inner ears deteriorate as they age.

Wearing Something Uncomfortable Just Because It Looks Cute

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The younger generation is notorious for coming up with new trends and following them—especially when it comes to fashion. The problem is that most of the time, the clothes are cute but are just plain uncomfortable! Because of this, you usually wouldn’t catch a middle-aged woman following fashion trends, especially if any part of it is uncomfortable.


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Throughout history, women have been viewed as maternal beings who are born to have kids and nurture them. However, as time goes on and we evolve, more and more women refuse to have kids; some even don’t want to be in the same vicinity as them. Various factors, such as the dislike of having responsibility or the fear of losing themselves, are among the common reasons for this.

Staying over at Other People’s Homes

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Young people love and get excited about sleepovers. However, older people simply avoid staying in other people’s homes as much as possible. Aside from having different bedding and pillows, everything about the whole ordeal can be stressful and uncomfortable for them.

Social Media Trends, Pranks, and Challenges

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Older women have less and less patience and tolerance when it comes to things like these. They especially hate it when people do these things for views or clout chasing.

Buying Only Designer Goods

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There’s a saying that people grow wiser as they age. While it may not be true for all people or all aspects of life, it seems true when it comes to spending money. Older women become more aware that, at times, more expensive or more branded doesn’t mean more quality.


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Young people are into parties and concerts—anywhere with a crowd of people they can enjoy life with. It’s the complete opposite for people who are getting older, though. Crowds usually come with blaring music and constant chatter, and with their sensitive hearing, it can just get really annoying. Because of this, they tend to prefer quieter and calmer environments.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

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Older women who don’t get enough sleep don’t just get cranky; they also experience side effects that younger people or older men don’t. As women age, they undergo various changes that others don’t—like pregnancy and menopause. These things can be very physically taxing, so they need more sleep than older men or younger people.

Being Overwhelmed With Household Chores

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Everyone needs a break. However, this is even truer for older women. They usually spend their time at home cleaning, cooking, or dealing with their family drama. Sometimes, they need time to detach themselves from everything, rest, and relax.

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