20 Things That Make America Stand Out Compared to the Rest of the World

America is famous worldwide for its unparalleled innovation, vibrant entrepreneurial spirit, diverse music scene, and more. These things allow the country and its people’s cultures to shape and influence lifestyles and trends in countries across the globe. Read on and find the top 20 things that make America the great country we all know and love!

Fast Food Phenomenon

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If there’s one thing to be made synonymous with the United States, it’s the fast food phenomenon, along with its super-sized servings! What’s most notable about this is that many American fast food chains have become considered as global cuisine. Fast food is something you can’t cut off of the American way of life, as it’s consumed by over a quarter of American adults daily.

The Land of All Things Convenient

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In America, convenience goes way beyond convenience stores. They have 24/7 stores, 24-hour drive-thrus, groceries, and more. However, one thing that truly highlights it as a land of convenience is that there are even drive-thru wedding chapels!

Hollywood Hits and Masterpieces

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The United States is the land of Hollywood, and it’s one of the things that make it the country it is today. Hollywood is an essential part of American culture, and no other country could make the same amount and quality of entertainment pieces as America does through Hollywood. Additionally, Hollywood plays a significant role in America’s economy. The Motion Picture Association shares, “In all, 2.74 million people—from special effects technicians to makeup artists to writers to set builders to ticket takers and more—work in jobs supported by the industry, which pays over $242 billion in wages annually.”

The Art of Small Talk

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Though many people label Americans as racists, in truth, a big majority of the population is actually very friendly. Americans are known to have mastered the art of small talk. In other countries, you will never see a stranger happily walk past you and greet you with a smile just for nothing. However, in the US, this is a common occurrence.

Free Water Service

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Most Americans would be surprised to know that water is expensive and paid for in restaurants in other countries. European restaurants are notoriously known for charging their customers anywhere from €5 to €10 per liter of water when it’s completely free—and refillable—in America!

Top-Tier Road Trips and State-Of-The-Art Rest Areas

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The United States is a big country in terms of land area. This means someone can drive across the country to experience many beautiful sights and eat delicious food! Aside from the destinations, the United States is also known for some of the best rest stops or rest areas, such as the Iowa 80 Truck Stop, South of the Border, Buc-ee’s, and more.

Majestic National Parks and Natural Wonders

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The United States is home to many natural wonders, such as the Grand Canyon and the Niagara Falls. These are all connected to majestic national parks that allow travelers to see the beauty of nature. Yellowstone National Park, Yosemite National Park, and Zion National Park are other famous sights that tourists and locals enjoy.

The Best Place to Get the Best Barbecue

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America takes barbecue to a whole other level, especially in Texas. However, aside from this, barbecuing also has a significant cultural significance. According to Forbes, 75% of American adults own a grill or a smoker, and the majority, or 63%, of grill or smoker owners use them year-round.

A Melting Pot of Diverse Cultures and Traditions

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There is no denying how influential the United States is to the world. However, just as it influences others, others also shape its cultures and traditions. The Wright Center explains, “The US is truly a melting pot of cultures, including music, language, religion, and food.”

Exceptional Service and Customer-Centric Transactions

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The United States is notorious for believing that the customer is always right. Because of this, it is renowned for its exceptional customer service and customer-centric transactions. American restaurants are also famous for being able to adjust to almost every customer’s demands by offering menu or ingredient substitutions to satisfy their needs.

Spooktacular Halloween Festivities

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When Halloween nears, you see flocks of Americans storming the stores for costumes, tricks to give out, and decorations. In fact, Americans are notorious for spending billions of dollars to celebrate this holiday. Aside from all the fun parties, Americans love celebrating Halloween because it’s a family-friendly holiday where even pets can join in the fun!

Vibrant and Contagious Entrepreneurial Spirit

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No matter what anyone says, America is the land where you can make your dreams come true. A more traditional example is Silicon Valley, a hub providing a networking and mentorship platform. More modern examples of how the US fosters an entrepreneurial mindset are through programs like Shark Tank—a business-themed series that champions entrepreneurship in the country.

Breakthroughs in Technology and Innovation

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America is known for innovation thanks to the people and companies that are open to supporting other people with creative ideas. American universities also help people learn and grow, and some schools are even willing to invest in their students’ research and experiments. This, alongside other efforts, has helped America create many innovative advancements that continue to change and shape how we live in the world today.

Unmatched Skill in Space Exploration and Administration

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In 1969, Neil Armstrong’s first steps on the moon demonstrated America’s remarkable ability to explore space. His successful landing showcased American resourcefulness and perseverance. Moreover, the country’s dedication to pushing human exploration’s limits, with significant funding and collaboration with private sector partners, has enabled pioneering missions and technological advancements.

Free-To-Use Public Restrooms

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Water isn’t the only thing you have to pay for in other countries like those in Europe. In fact, most Americans would be surprised to know that people had to pay before using a public restroom! According to The Portland Loo, “If you can find a public restroom, it’s almost guaranteed to be free. This seems like an obvious point to US citizens, but it’s not the case in most other places in the world.”

Top-Notch Military Power

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When you think about the United States, you almost always think of how influential it is compared to other countries and how much power it holds. Though other countries can put up a good fight against the United States, with billions of dollars going into its military fund, it’s safe to say that it would be hard to win. Aside from this, US military members take their jobs seriously; they’re very committed to serving their nation and people.

Availability of ADA Facilities

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The Americans with Disabilities Act, or ADA, is a policy in the US that requires public accommodations, commercial establishments, new state and local government facilities, and similar facilities to follow guidelines set by the board. This act of inclusivity makes it easier for persons with disabilities to be mobile and more independent when traveling around the country.

Sports Culture

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Sports are deeply ingrained in American culture. For its citizens, sports is equivalent to hard work and patriotism, and American athletes on the international stage do all they can to make their country proud. Another evidence of how important sports are to America is how friends and family gather for baseball, football, or basketball night. Sports are always a big deal to every member of the family, and it’s something that should be celebrated together!

Booming and Diverse Music Industry

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Before South Korean music became widely popular, American music and artists stood at the top of the world’s stage. And, until today, no one can take away its crown when it comes to providing the world with diverse music. Rock, pop, hip hop, blues, jazz, rap, and more are only a few examples of the types of music Americans enjoy.

Masters of the Art of Marketing and Branding

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America is world-famous for marketing and branding. Its people are creative, exposed to different cultures, and have access to innovative technology. Plus, American brands have more reach, exposure, and recognition, thanks to Hollywood.

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