20 Warning Signs You’re An Annoying Neighbor Others Hate

When you live somewhere where you have neighbors, you have to be mindful of how your actions and decisions affect them. After all, what you think is acceptable might infringe upon the privacy and comfort of those around you. We must, therefore, be sure that whatever we do fosters respect and consideration for our neighbors. Only through this can we enhance our quality of living and avoid being labeled as the annoying neighbor!

You Always Call the Cops

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If you call the police over little things other people in your community do, be ready to be labeled as an annoying neighbor. Calling the cops on people is a million times worse than calling the HOA because it can tarnish their reputation, and worse, if you call the police for unfounded reasons, you’re wasting the time of public officials! According to Real Property Management Victory, “It is also important to remain mindful that the police can be a source of power and authority; thus, it is necessary to exercise this power wisely. It is not a sensible move to call the police on your neighbors for minor arguments or unmanageable circumstances, like loud children.”

You’re Blocking the View

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You’re a pretty annoying neighbor if you live in an area with stunning views, say a hilltop, and you position your house, tall plants, or roof fixtures in the way of others’ views. This is especially important to consider and plan ahead if you’re thinking of adding a second or third floor to your home, as these things could potentially block your neighbor’s view of the skyline, water, or even woods.

You Never Close Your Blinds

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Your home is your private space, and whatever you do inside shouldn’t bother your neighbors, right? Well, if you walk around your house naked or do other weird stuff and don’t close your blinds, you can’t blame your neighbor for getting annoyed at you. There’s been a debate about where responsibility lies—on you to close your curtains and blinds or for your neighbor not to look. Whatever it is, be a more considerate human and close the blinds; that way, your neighbor won’t think you’re annoying!

You Encroach on Other People’s Properties

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Gardening and planting new flower beds, shrubs, or trees can be great. However, be mindful not to infringe on other people’s properties—on or over! FindLaw notes, “Encroachments are among the worst nightmares homeowners or landowners can face. Comparable to trespassing, encroachment constitutes an invasion of space that can be remedied by civil means.”

You’re a Hoarder

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Aside from aesthetics, there are many reasons you become an annoying neighbor if you’re a hoarder. For one, it’s a big fire hazard, as many items you’ve hoarded could catch or spread fire like crazy. You can also start a bed bug infestation or other insect infestations in your community, thus affecting your and your neighbor’s health and well-being.

You’re the Neighborhood Eyesore

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In a street lined with beautiful homes and well-kept yards, there will always be at least one house considered an eyesore. They can have unkempt yards, piled-up trash, or even rotting Christmas decorations that are still up even after two years! If you’re any of the above, there’s a high chance your neighbors consider you an eyesore. Offerpad conducted a homeowner’s survey, revealing that 52% of respondents would consider sneaking into their neighbor’s yard to do something about it; they would fix, change, or even completely remove something from their neighbor’s property!

You Cleared out All the Hedges

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The Royal Horticultural Society defines hedges as something planted to define the boundary between two homes. They could also provide privacy for the homeowners or protect them from strong winds during a storm. So, if you’re gardening one day and feel like trimming all of your—and your neighbor’s—hedges, you’d better think twice! After all, your neighbor might have installed their own hedge to maintain privacy.

You’re Always Renovating Your Home

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It’s not your fault that something needs fixing in your house. However, if renovation never stops at your place, how do you think the constant banging, knocking, and hammering would affect your neighbor? To help save your relationship with your neighbor, give them advance notice about your project—what needs fixing, how long it’ll take, and more. Also, watch the clock; don’t work till late at night, as this will disturb your neighbor’s sleep and rest time.

You’re Placing Your Sports Equipment in the Wrong Places

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Your property is your space, and you can do what you want with it. However, make sure you’re mindful of where you place certain sports equipment. For example, you put your basketball hoop and backboard right next to one of the bedrooms in your neighbor’s home. Whenever you play and try to shoot a ball, a loud sound will echo, especially if it hits the backboard; this will become annoying for your neighbor sleeping in the bedroom next to the hoop!

You Constantly Post Signs to Remind Your Neighbors of the Rules

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Rules are meant to be followed, and sometimes, it would be helpful for you to remind neighbors who occasionally forget about certain rules. However, constantly reminding them about things—especially through signs and posts—can be extra annoying. Sticklers can be very irritating, and Financial Review defines a stickler as a disease we’re all familiar with. David James of Financial Review explains that sticklers for rules ruthlessly adhere to regulations regardless of efficiency, decency, or common sense.

You Have Poorly Positioned Flood Lights

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Big, obnoxious flood lights can be a pain to your neighbors. In addition to blasting right into your neighbor’s bedroom, they could also cause tons of light pollution. The Crime Prevention Website shares, “Badly designed, poorly maintained, and incorrectly installed external lights around the home can have detrimental effects on your neighbors’ lives and health, especially those ‘security’ floodlights that are often regarded as the panacea for all ills.”

You Steal All the Parking Spaces

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Land is one of the most sought-after assets in today’s world, and we understand that it can get frustrating if you feel like you don’t have enough space for your car. Even so, to avoid being an annoying neighbor, be more considerate of where and how you park your vehicle; don’t always hog parking spaces. Don’t wait for your neighbors to file a report or start a feud!

Your Gutters Flood Other People’s Yards

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You might be the kind of person who loves to DIY everything, and that’s great. However, when it comes to things like gutters and downspouts, it’d be best to leave them to the professionals, as you can accidentally flood your neighbor’s yard and property!

You’re Putting up Windchimes Even if Homes Are Close Together

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Windchimes are cute, and hearing their sound every now and then can be nice. However, if you hang windchimes even if your home is too close to your neighbor’s, you might be being inconsiderate. Who knows, you might hang the windchime next to your neighbor’s bedroom, waking them up every few minutes when the wind blows at night!

You’re Mowing the Lawn or Blowing the Leaves Early in the Morning

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In the same way that windchimes can keep your neighbors up at night, doing these noisy chores early in the morning can annoy your neighbors. After all, you don’t follow the same schedules in life. Sure, you slept at eight o’clock on the dot last night, but what if they stayed up till three in the morning to finish a school paper or because they were catching up on work?

You Don’t Check Where You’re Placing Your Outdoor Cooking Equipment

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Placing outdoor cooking equipment in your yard without checking the consequences can make you a pretty annoying neighbor. Imagine cooking up a feast on your smoker or barbeque; that would be great for you! However, it can get extremely irritating for your neighbors if all the smoke goes to them.

You Have Big Bonfires and Fire Pits

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Like cooking equipment, bonfires and fire pits can also cause smoke to swarm your neighbor’s property. Before lighting a fire, check the direction of the wind. Ask yourself, “Would the smoke blow into my neighbor if I place my bonfire here?”

You’re a Drama Queen

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Fussing over every little thing, gossiping about everyone, reacting emotionally to everything, and more can all make you out to be a drama queen. It can get annoying to deal with you from the perspective of your neighbors. Learning Mind adds, “Their default setting is ‘stressed out,’ and you never know when they are going to erupt next. Living with this kind of temperamental person is not only controlling but extremely draining.”

You’re Leaving Your Dog Unattended

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Bad neighbors let their dogs bark till late in the night and poop in your yard without cleaning up after it. However, you can also be considered an annoying neighbor if you constantly leave your dog unattended, especially for long periods. Wags and Wiggles explains, “When isolated with limited human companionship, even friendly dogs may become bored and frustrated; this can lead to excessive barking, destructive habits, running away, aggression, or depression.” All these negative things, in turn, will be experienced not only by you but also by your neighbor.

You Have a Meth Lab

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If someone lives next to a person who tends to get high a lot, then they are in danger of getting their health compromised. In fact, one only needs to get exposed to—not use—toxic chemicals to heighten their health risks. The United States Department of Justice shares some health risks one may experience, including “intoxication, dizziness, nausea, disorientation, lack of coordination, pulmonary edema, serious respiratory problems, severe chemical burns, and damage to internal organs.”

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