20 Rules People Over 60 Should Scratch Out of Their Lives

Life over 60 can both be daunting and liberating, and the only way to make sure you live a life with no regrets is if you shed some outdated rules that are keeping you from living a full life! At this point, you should know how important self-care is and how you shouldn’t be discouraged from trying something new just because others deem you “too old” for them. Instead, live authentically, cherish every waking moment, and know that you have it in you to fulfill your dreams—no matter how old you are!

That You’re Too Old to Start a New Relationship

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There’s no such thing as being too old to date. Even in your 60s, as long as you have a clear head and an open heart, you can still find love! Dating will be incredibly different in your 60s than in your 20s, but it doesn’t mean it’s impossible to build genuine, lasting connections at this stage in life. We are all human, and whether we’re 20, 30, 60, or 90, we still need love from others.

That You Have to Stick to Outdated Dating Rules

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While dating is still dating no matter your age, there are some so-called dating rules people over 60 simply don’t have patience for. For example, a lot of people in their 20s and 30s like to play games—they want to appear hard to get. For older people, there’s simply no time for something like this. They know what they want, so they strive to get it by being authentically themselves with the people they’re attracted to.

That You Have to Follow Trends or Dress According to Your Age

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When we’re young, we’re usually told by adults what kind of clothing is appropriate. Well, it doesn’t stop in our teenage years; even older adults are told about what they are “supposed” to wear and that they should wear clothes appropriate to their age. However, The Well Dressed Life reminds us, “Certainly, with age inevitably comes change. But that’s very different than thinking because you are a certain age, you now have to dress a certain way.”

That You Have to Retire the Moment You Reach Your 60s

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In America, the full retirement age for one to get all their Social Security benefits is 67 if the person in question was born in 1960 or later; one can still sign up to get their benefits—albeit not in full—even before 67. However, reaching your 60s doesn’t always have to equate to retirement. You can choose to cut down on your work hours and work part-time or do volunteer work, consultations, and even mentorship to keep your brain busy.

That You’re Too Old to Travel and Explore the World

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It’s scary to leave your comfort zone no matter how old you are, but sometimes, it’s even more terrifying when you’re in your 60s or 70s. Traveling the world is one of the things that pushes someone out of their comfort zone. However, just because you’re in this age group doesn’t mean you must hide in your house and let the world pass you by. In fact, Norman Bour, a full-time world travel and journalist, only took his first international trip when he was 62 years old; now, he’s a nomad who lives in many different parts of the world!

That You Can No Longer Exercise and Be Active

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When you’re older, your bones get much more brittle, and you are more prone to injuries and other diseases. Even so, it doesn’t mean that you should remain stagnant and idle forever. The NHS even advises older adults to have at least some form of physical activity to boost their health, such as walking, stretching, mild aerobic exercise, and more. Thirty minutes of exercise would be great for people of all ages, especially those sixty and over.

That It’s Too Late for You to Learn Something New

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Some might argue that one’s cognitive brain function declines as one ages. This is true, but it’s also not something that should hinder you from trying new things or learning new skills. Harvard Health explains, “Practicing a new and challenging activity is a good bet for building and maintaining cognitive skills. Your brain has the ability to learn and grow as you age—a process called brain plasticity—but for it to do so, you have to train it on a regular basis.”

That You’re Simply Too Old to Start Another Career Path

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No matter what others say, you can always change careers at any point in life. It’s possible to do so, even in your 60s! While there will be a high probability of facing challenges due to your age compared to younger candidates, it’s not impossible. Looking for a new job will always be a challenge—no matter how old you are—so just put your best foot forward and try it out!

That You’re Past Your Prime and Should Stop Pursuing Your Goals

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Just as it’s completely doable to change careers in your 60s, pursuing your goals and aspirations at this age is also feasible! Whether it’s writing a book, trying out acting, or more, these are all things you can succeed in, whether in your 30s or 60s. You should never give up on your goal just because others think you’re too old or “past your prime.”

That Just Because You’re Old, Your Opinions No Longer Matter

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Some feel excluded by others because of their age. However, don’t ever take yourself and your opinions for granted; you probably hold more wisdom than your younger counterparts simply because of the years you’ve lived and all the experiences you’ve gathered. The saying, “With age comes wisdom,” is not unfounded, after all.

That Because You’re Old, You Can No Longer Keep up With Technological Advancements

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According to Pew Research, “Although seniors consistently have lower rates of technology adoption than the general public, this group is more digitally connected than ever. In fact, some groups of seniors—such as those who are younger, more affluent, and more highly educated—report owning and using various technologies at rates similar to adults under the age of 65.” Given this data, it’s easy to say that the rule above doesn’t apply to people 60 and over. They can use technology just as much as their younger counterparts!

That Social Media Is Only for the Younger Generation

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Social media is a platform that thrives on its users; however, don’t think it’s only for kids or younger generations. In fact, social media is used by any and all age groups. Additionally, Creating Results says, “According to recently released research from AARP, 71% of adults 50+ are on Facebook. In Creating Results’ own independent research, of 55+ adults who are active on social media, 60% say they use Facebook at least once a day; they report that social interaction, entertainment, and current events are the most popular reasons seniors use the platform.”

That You Should Just Stick to Your Current Circle of Friends

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Friendship is not limited by age; just because you’re in your 60s doesn’t mean you’re too old to make new ones. Making friends after 60 is doable, possible, and maybe even easier than when you were in your 20s and 30s. At this point in life, there’s just a lot less pretense, expectations, and dishonesty, making it incredibly easy and straightforward to find new friends.

That You Can’t Connect and Build Relationships With Younger People

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Friendship is not just about sticking to people the same age as you. You can make friends with people older than you, and you can make friends with people who are younger than you. This kind of dynamic in friendship allows for an exchange of ideas, strengths, and weaknesses. What’s more, you can also serve as a mentor for your younger friends!

That at This Age, You Should Have Already Settled Down

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Settling down is seen as a norm, but it’s a norm dictated by society. Not everyone wants the same thing out of life. Yes, others may want the perfect family, the perfect home, and those white picket fences. However, others, maybe like you, simply don’t want those things; they’re content with being independent and living life on their own terms.

That You’re Too Old to Keep Doing the Things You Love and Enjoy

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Our hobbies and interests are things that keep us young! Because of this, it’s simply not right to say that you’re too old to continue doing the things that bring you joy. COS Australia says, “The benefits of creative hobbies for our brains don’t reduce as we get older. If anything, creative hobbies are just as important for older people as they are for little kids; doing creative activities has a meditative effect on the mind and body and has even been found to release natural antidepressants.”

That You Should Still Worry About Your Kids and Grandkids’ Financial Situation

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If you’re a parent, you’ll understand when we say you just can’t help but worry about your children. While this is something you can never completely cut off, the least you could do for yourself and your health is to stop worrying about their financial situation. At this point in life, we’re sure you’ve already done everything you could have done to set them up for life. Now it’s your kids’ turn to do all they can to set their children up for life—not yours!

That You Should Still Be Extra Frugal With Your Money

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We get it; money is a big pain point and worry for many households. However, when you’re in your 60s, we’re sure you’ve already worked tirelessly to save ample money for yourself and your retirement. If this is the case, you better start spending money on yourself before it’s too late. Don’t be too tightfisted, especially when it comes to things that make you happy; treat yourself to a meal, buy that blouse you’ve always wanted, or take a trip of a lifetime you’ll never forget!

That at This Point, There Are Certain Things You Can No Longer Do Just Because of Your Age

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Believing that age dictates what you can and cannot do has some harmful effects on your physical, emotional, and mental health. So, instead, you need to think and believe that you are never too old to do what you have to do and want to do. You can learn new things, try new things, or even make new friends! Never let your age define who you are and what you’re capable of doing!

That You Should Look Back on Your Past and Find Out What Went Wrong

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Regret is something we all dread, and when you’re in your 60s, it’s so easy to get stuck in the rabbit hole of the past. However, you must avoid doing so; you must never wallow in the past and focus on the things that went wrong. The truth is that you’ll never be able to change anything; what’s done is done! Why waste a second of your life on the past when you can live in the present and enjoy every single thing life has to offer?

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