20 Reasons People Think Texas Is a Terrible Place to Live In

Texas is a beautiful state with many remarkable qualities. However, some individuals may find some aspects of living in Texas challenging. Things such as higher living costs, hurricanes, or even a poor educational system are all factors one should consider before making the move. So, check through to the end of this list before deciding!

Higher Costs of Living

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While Texas may not be as expensive as California or New York, it’s not exactly a budget-friendly state either. The Bureau of Economic Analysis reports that in 2021, the average total personal consumption of a person living in Texas was over $45,000 a year. That’s roughly $3,750 a month—a significant portion of one’s salary!

High Crime Rates

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You may have heard of random shootings all over the United States. Unfortunately, it’s significantly worse in Texas. The state has a higher crime rate than the national average. It has 4.32 crime incidents per 1,000 residents, while the national average is 3.81 per 1,000 people.

High Temperatures and Humidity

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When it comes to weather, Texas is known for its heat. Cities like Houston and Galveston experience high humidity levels year-round. In Central Texas, while the humidity isn’t as consistent, the heat can still be intense, especially in summer.

High Taxes

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Having no income tax may be a great benefit for some people. But before moving to Texas, make sure you consider items that are taxed—such as sales tax, which is relatively higher than in other states. Spectrum News shared a study from WalletHub noting that Texas has the 10th highest tax rates in the country!

Bad Healthcare System

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They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and this is true—even for healthcare costs! North Carolina is currently the most expensive state for healthcare, but Texas is a close runner-up, placing fifth. The high cost of healthcare in the state is a significant hindrance to people finding the right kind of care for their needs. On average, employers cut $500 a month on their employees’ salaries for health insurance, which amounts to $6,000 a year.

Limited Public Transportation

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Texas is the second-largest state in the country, and its population is continuously growing. Because of this, public transportation has remained a significant challenge for the state. One of the main issues residents face is the high fares, wherein it’ll cost you a minimum of $2 to get where you need to, and a monthly pass would cost around $80. There are also only a few stations, making other areas of the state very inaccessible.

Bad Traffic

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Because of the limited public transportation available to the state, residents turn to their private vehicles to get from one point to the next. Unfortunately, this means more traffic congestion! Add trucks that move freight across the state and country, and you’re in for multiple dense traffic bottlenecks throughout the day.

Slower Internet Connection

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Nowadays, you’d expect that all cities in first-world countries have fast and stable internet connections. Unfortunately, this is not true for people living in Texas. CBS19 shares, “Northeast Texas has the state’s slowest internet speeds, least reliable internet connections, and the highest average monthly costs for service.”

Unpredictable Weather and Constant Hurricane Exposure

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Whenever someone thinks of Texas, beyond the barbeques, one of the most common things that comes to mind is hurricanes. Since Texas is situated on the Gulf of Mexico, its eastern part is open to the constant threat of hurricanes, which usually peak in August and September. As of 2022, 64 hurricanes have struck the Texas coast since 1851. That’s an average of one hurricane every three years!

Power Outages and Power Grid Malfunctions

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Because Texas is home to such extreme temperatures, it’s no surprise that the state experiences some major power outages. Sadly, be it hold or cold, their power grids cannot hold up. For example, Texan power grids cannot withstand the occasional snow, leading to more grid malfunctions during the winter.

Everything Is So Spread Out

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Texas is the second-largest state in America in terms of both land area and population. However, its large land area and limited public transport system pose major problems for most Texans. If you drive from the starting point of the state’s longest highway to the other end, it’ll take you an average of 11 hours!

Low Wages

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Yes, Texas doesn’t have an income tax. However, its minimum wage is also much lower than that of other states. For example, California’s minimum wage is $16, and Washington’s is $16.28; meanwhile, you’ll only get a minimum of $7.25 per hour if you’re in Texas. Dallas Observer shares, “Now, new research reveals that a startling number of Texans aren’t earning a living wage. Nearly 40% of the state’s workers make less than $15 an hour.”

Rampant Racism

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Hate crimes are happening all over the United States. However, one of the more recent, deadly ones occurred in 2019. A man from Allen, Texas, was behind a mass shooting at an El Paso Walmart, and he pleaded guilty to 90 federal charges; half of those charges are hate crimes, and authorities say that the man drove from his city to El Paso with the intent of killing Mexicans. In 2023, CBS News reported, “It has been nearly four years since the El Paso mass shooting, and hate crimes in Texas are still on the rise.”

Poor Educational System

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Public schools in Texas face a big challenge when it comes to funding. Most of the time, school funding is not enough and is unevenly distributed, thus leaving low-income areas or areas in need with fewer resources and fewer well-trained teachers. They also have less access to educational materials, equipment, and books. Texas AFT notes, “Texas was highlighted as one of 10 states in which 60% of the nation’s students identified as being in ‘chronically underfunded’ districts reside.”

Air Pollution

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Texas is a state laden with cars and trucks that pollute the air. Many factories are also in the area. Over time, pollution builds up, making the air unhealthy and dirty.

Questionable Drinking Water

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Aside from polluting the air, factories in the state also negatively affect the water quality in Texas. In fact, arsenic contamination has been a problem for both private wells and municipal water sources.

Overly Relaxed Lifestyle

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Once you get out of major cities in Texas, you’ll notice how people’s lifestyles are very different. It seems as if time moves a lot slower, and you have all the time in the world to do what you want. While this is enticing for older age groups, people from younger generations may think this kind of lifestyle saps their energy. They might feel like the environment is too dull, making them want to find a livelier and more energy-buzzed state.

Giant Insects and Mosquitoes

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Because of the state’s climate, mosquitoes are present all year round. However, Texas is also famous for crane flies. They are much larger than mosquitoes but are essentially harmless to humans. Crane flies can, however, affect field crops, golf courses, grass, and more.

Divided Political Culture

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Having different political opinions is a normal part of living in a community. However, the political divide is somewhat more apparent in Texas. Most Texans are firm Republicans, making it hard for Democrats in the area to express their thoughts.

Gun-Friendly Laws

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Texas is a state with one of the most relaxed gun laws. While others find this a great reason to move to the area, many are still apprehensive about it. With Texas having a high crime rate, this is perfectly understandable.

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