20 Things That Push Men to Divorce Their Wives

People say that men are more prone to the Taxi Cab Theory—it’s a theory that says love is not about commitment or dedication; instead, it’s about timing. According to the theory, a man can date a woman for a decade and not marry them, break up, find another partner, and get married after months just because the timing is right. However, aside from timing, there are many reasons men break up with women. If you want to learn more about this topic, check until the end of this list!

He’s Just Not That Into You

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It’s hard to accept that the people we like or love are just not into us. However, this is one of the top, and maybe even the simplest, reasons behind a man’s decision to break up with their partners. Catholic Match shares, “Sure, he may not be into you because he has fears, or psychosis, or some deep-seated issues relating to his childhood and his mother. But that doesn’t change the resulting truth, which is that he does not possess the necessary enthusiasm to fuel a healthy relationship with you.”

They Feel Like You’re Overly Critical of His Friends

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Men are attracted to women who can get comfortable with their friends and family. If you’re unable to do this, especially when you’re judgy or critical of his friends, it can be a significant reason for a man to dump you. Greater Good Magazine explains, “Intimate friendships with men, sometimes called ‘bromances,’ can be even more fulfilling than romantic relationships with women, perhaps because men feel more understood by other men and assume men friends will be more loyal and willing to help in time of need.”

They Don’t Feel Listened To

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In any relationship, hearing, listening, and understanding are crucial. When men don’t feel listened to, they feel neglected and unloved. It’s a hurtful and painful experience that can cause difficulties within relationships, eventually leading to a breakup.

You’re Too Negative and Toxic

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Being in a relationship is a beautiful experience. However, when a man is with a woman who’s too negative or always looking for fights, that beautiful experience turns into an ugly one. Moreover, humans are susceptible to focusing more on the negatives than the positives. The Atlantic shares, “In relationships, the negativity effect magnifies your partner’s faults, real or imagined, starting with their ingratitude, because you’re also biased by an internal overconfidence that magnifies your own strengths.”

You’re Letting External Influence Take Control of Your Relationship

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External stress or pressure in a relationship can come from work, family, friends, and more. When a woman listens too much to her family and friends and lets others take control of her relationship, it’ll be hard for the man to cope and go with the flow. Remember, your relationship is between you and your partner. It can be good to have outside perspectives, but never let them dictate how you treat your special someone.

There’s Too Much Fighting and Conflict

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Fights are normal in a relationship. However, when all you do is fight, a man can feel like the good will never outweigh the bad anymore. If they feel miserable and think you’re toxic, then they’ll immediately call it quits. Choosing Therapy advises, “If you’re in a toxic relationship, it might be time to make a plan to leave.”

You’re Suffocating Them

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According to Psychology Today, “Physical and emotional space is a basic human need.” So, when a woman always wants to be together and thinks that the only way for them to be happy as a couple is always to be together, it can get suffocating for her partner. Remember, in a relationship, you should grow on your own as you grow together.

You Did Not Meet His Expectations or Imagination

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Sometimes, men have unrealistic expectations of women. These expectations could be as simple as not looking like they wanted you to look without makeup to something as serious as your values and morals. Whatever it is, once men realize that you’re not living up to their imaginations or expectations—no matter how unfounded or unfair they may be—they will consider calling it quits.

He Can’t See Himself Marrying You

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It could be heartbreaking for you if your boyfriend decides to break up with you because he doesn’t see himself marrying you. However, instead of seeing this as a punishment or something negative, be positive; at least you didn’t get stuck with a man who was not committed to you in marriage! Vixen Daily advises all women, saying, “If a guy says he doesn’t want to get married, the best possible course of action is to believe him and proceed with your life as if what he said is true. You’re not going to convince him, or change his mind, or make him think otherwise, and trying to do so will only result in heartbreak.”

There Is a Lack of Trust and Fidelity in Your Relationship

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According to Forbes Advisor, 34% of marriages fail due to infidelity. However, infidelity is not only a leading cause of breakups in marriage but also a common cause of separation between unmarried couples. Infidelity, the fear of getting cheated on, and the lack of trust are all reasons why men break up with their partners. Sage Journals also published an article stating, “Results indicate that lack of trust is a significant predictor of romantic relationship problems.”

You’re Being Too Clingy and Dependent

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Unfortunately, some women can become too insecure about themselves and their relationships, pushing them to become more clingy. However, being clingy and encroaching on one’s partner’s time and space can strain a relationship. The Attachment Project suggests that clinginess can manifest in many ways. These include becoming upset when your partner doesn’t reply immediately, calling or texting multiple times a day, experiencing intense jealousy, not wanting your partner to do anything without you, and more.

You’re Interfering With His Life Too Much

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Getting into a relationship shouldn’t mean letting go of other aspects of your life. So, if you’re negatively affecting your boyfriend’s education, career, and relationship with his family and friends, you’d better start reflecting on your actions. If you become too jealous or controlling, especially to the point where you’re impacting other aspects of his life, he’ll likely start considering ending your relationship.

There Is a Lack of Physical and Emotional Intimacy

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Verywell Mind explains that intimacy is an essential aspect of a relationship because it’s how two people communicate and connect better. Without it, couples may quickly lose connection and become out of touch with one another. Robinson & Clapham also notes that a lack of intimacy can lead couples to struggle to empathize with each other’s experiences and emotions.

You’re Too Independent for His Liking

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There’s a famous saying that too much of anything is bad. Like too much dependency, men dislike it when women are overly independent. After all, men are wired to protect, provide, and solve problems; if their partner is too independent, they’ll lose this feeling of purpose, thus feeling unneeded. Thought Catalog notes, “Men don’t like strong, independent women because their roles won’t come to life if there’s no princess to be saved.”

You Don’t Have a Deep Connection

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When you know your partner is the one, you just know it. So, if you don’t feel this way about your boyfriend or your boyfriend doesn’t feel the same way about you, it’s time to call it quits. When this happens, your boyfriend may feel like he’s wasting time by staying with someone he doesn’t deeply care for, eventually pushing him to break up with you.

Your Long-Term Relationship Goals Don’t Match

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People are different, and having different goals in life is normal. However, it’s a completely different issue if your long-term relationship goals don’t match or are irreconcilable. When your boyfriend has talked things out with you and realizes that nothing’s aligned and nothing can be compromised, he’ll eventually end your relationship.

He Feels Like You’re Using Him

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A relationship is a two-way street. If the man in the relationship is the only one who gives—emotionally, physically, and monetarily—then he’ll undoubtedly feel used. Business Insider notes that when a person is always catering to someone else’s needs, resentment will start to bloom. This will then push men to the breaking point, and they’ll call it quits on their relationship.

Priorities Change, and Something Else in His Life Needs More Attention

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Sometimes, love just isn’t enough to sustain a relationship. Different life-changing things may happen to a man that may lead him to think he needs to pour more time and effort into those things than their girlfriend or significant other. He may get a new job, need to move states, or one of his family members might be sick or more. All these reasons can be too much for him to handle, and he’ll end up letting go of you so that he’ll have more energy to spend on them.

He Wants to Keep His Options Open

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Unfortunately, even when a man knows he likes a woman, sometimes, it’s not enough for him to settle down. Bolde notes that for men, flirting is fun, and feeding their ego is a must. Because of these and many other reasons, men don’t want to tie the knot and end up breaking up with you to keep their options open.

You’ll Never Live up to His Mom

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One of men’s biggest issues is being a “mommy’s boy.” They become so accustomed to their mothers and hold them in high regard that no woman could even come close to them. So, when they find a romantic partner, they tend to look for qualities in you that align with the qualities of their mother. However, things usually take a hit when a man negatively compares a woman to their mom, noting that they can never live up to their mother.

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