20 Reasons America’s Status as the Greatest Nation in the World Is No Longer Accurate

As other countries grow in influence and power, people have started to have more detailed conversations about the United States and how it is viewed internationally. While it was once considered the most prosperous and mighty nation, there are now reasons to doubt this. Today, we’ve gathered 20 things that challenge the idea that the United States is the greatest country in the world. Read on, as we’re positive that this list will help shed light on why its status as the greatest nation in the world may no longer be accurate.

Surging Crime and Murder Rates

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Though many think that living in first-world countries is the way to go, one must consider its crime and murder rates, too. For example, America is a highly advanced and civilized country. Even so, it has one of the highest crime and murder rates in the world. In 2022, 280.7 crimes were recorded per 100,000, while murder or homicide rate increased by 6.02% from 2020.

Declining Global Strength and Authority

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A survey by the Pew Research Center revealed that 47% of Americans believed that America was getting weaker in terms of its influence worldwide. In comparison, 66% believed China was getting increasingly stronger. Additionally, the United States has been wetting its toes in different ongoing wars, and people think this is only depleting its resources.

Widespread Infrastructure Damage

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Infrastructure is one of the most important factors in a nation’s progress, public health, and welfare. Sadly, America’s infrastructure quality is steadily and continuously deteriorating. Thousands of the country’s bridges and many of its roads are in poor condition and need repair; all over the country, you’ll find busted and leaking lead pipes, too. There’s also a need for better public transportation across the country—especially one that connects most, if not all, states.

Pollution and Environmental Damage

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Pollution can occur naturally. However, in a place with a big population, such as the United States, human-made pollution trumps everything else. Humans, their cars, the factories they run, and more contribute to climate change, waste, and more.

Worsening Mental Well-Being of Citizens

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According to Mental Health America’s 2023 findings, over 50 million Americans have been experiencing some sort of mental illness between 2019 and 2020. Unfortunately, more than 50% of adults with a mental illness refuse or are not receiving treatment. Worse, there are an estimated 350 individuals for every mental health provider, making cure and help inaccessible to most.

Subpar Median Household Income

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The United States is faring relatively well in terms of median household income if you compare it with the rest of the world, especially third-world countries. For example, China, which is an emerging market or developing nation, has a median household income of $12,850 per year. If you compare that to the United States, wherein the median household income is $76,770, you might easily think it’s a great number. However, considering the top countries, like Monaco and Bermuda, which have a median household income of $186,080 and $125,210, respectively, you’ll realize that America is still a far cry from them.

Widening Income Disparity

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Another problem with wages and income is the rising income inequality in the country. Unfortunately, there is a significant gap in the distribution of wealth in the United States. Maryland has the highest household income, at $108,200, while Mississippi has the lowest, at $48,610—a big gap!

Elevated CO2 Emissions

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According to Visual Capitalist, “Historically, the US has been the largest carbon emitter, releasing 422 billion metric tons of CO2 into the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution.” More recently, however, America has been recorded to have released 13.% of greenhouse gasses, while China released 30.9%.

More and More Infant Deaths Recorded

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From 2002 to 2021, the infant mortality rate has either steadily declined or remained stagnant. However, in 2022, a 3% rise from 2021 was recorded—the first year-to-year increase since 2001 to 2002! There were 5.44 deaths per 1,000 live births in 2021 and 5.60 deaths per 1,000 live births in 2022.

Decline in the Country’s Educational Standards and Benchmarks

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Educational funding hasn’t been equally distributed in the United States. For example, Texas isn’t receiving as much funding as California. Because of this, fewer and fewer students are receiving the adequate and correct education they need.

Rising Healthcare Costs Despite the Worsening Quality

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If you spend more on something, you usually think it’s because it’s of the best quality, right? Unfortunately, this is not true for the American healthcare system. AMA Journal of Ethics states, “Per capita spending on healthcare is estimated to be 50 to 200% greater in the United States than in other economically developed countries. Despite leading the world in costs, however, the United States ranks 26th in the world for life expectancy and ranks poorly on other indicators of quality.”

Segmentation and the Lack of a Sense of Community

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Differences in opinions, likes, dislikes, and hobbies are normal for any community. However, sadly, the sense of community in the United States is steadily declining. People are segmenting themselves based on religion, political beliefs, race, and more. Additionally, because most people work from home, there’s less and less inclination to interact with others.

Concerning Gun Control Policies and Regulations

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The Second Amendment allows US citizens to carry and bear arms. However, while gun possession is constitutionally protected, it’s ironic that murders abound in the state, and they’re not apprehended. In fact, the country has the highest homicide-by-firearm rate among all developed countries. Its gun homicide rate is 26 times higher than that of other high-income countries.

Highly Commercialized Societies

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Access to the latest trends and the biggest brands can be seen as an advantage. However, America’s consumerism and materialism have led countless of its citizens to debt. This later on leads to many problems, such as depression, unsustainable consumption patterns, and more.

Challenges in Technological Advancements and Innovation

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While many believe the United States is advanced in technological developments, this is sadly untrue. Yes, it’s leading the world in terms of AI development. However, beyond that, other countries that focus on 5G and renewable energy development trump the US.

Illegal Immigration Hurdles

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A big issue America faces is illegal immigration. There are lots of Mexicans who try to cross the border without proper papers. There are also people from Asia, El Salvador, Guatemala, and more who currently live illegally in the country.

Seemingly Never-Ending Rising Costs for National Defense

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The United States is known for being a superpower when it comes to military might. Its assistance to Ukraine and other countries and improvement in its internal military led it to spend $877 billion between 2021 and 2022. This number is bigger than the military expenditure of 10 countries combined, namely, China, Russia, India, Saudi Arabia, United Kingdom, Germany, France, South Korea, Japan, and Ukraine, which spent, in total, $849 billion.

Rampant Racial Discrimination and Bigotry

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Racism has been a big problem in the United States. Slavery has come and gone, but many of its citizens are still blinded by unfounded hatred and selfishness—even toward other countries and cultures.

Deepening Political Divide

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Over the past decade, America’s political landscape has become more polarized than ever before. The 2016 election further exacerbated this trend, leading to a significant decline in bipartisan cooperation. As a result, trust in political institutions and elected officials has also suffered.

Biased News and Media Outlets

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News outlets have become more focused on sharing opinions instead of presenting unbiased information. This has led to the media being partly responsible for today’s highly polarized political climate.

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