20 Things Every Woman Over 50 Should Toss Out of Her Home

As years pass by, more and more things become too sentimental to let go of. But your home will become too cluttered if you keep collecting things without letting go of the non-essentials. Aside from this, many old things in our homes have already acquired all the dust and dirt they can. If left alone, these can even compromise your health!

Flimsy Flip-Flops

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One would think that walking around in high heels would be worse for your feet and ankles than walking in flip-flops. If you thought the same, you’re way off! Great Neck Family Foot Care says that because flip-flops are flimsy with little to no foot and arch support, wearing them for long periods can cause several issues. Such issues include inflammation, tension and pressure on your toes and foot arches, corns and calluses, and even stress fractures.

Expired, Unhealthy, and Processed Food

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Eating expired food means you’re eating something of poor quality. At this point, the food you’re eating may have already grown harmful bacteria or lost its nutritional value. In the case of highly processed food, it’s best to remember that it provides limited nutrients. It can’t give us the nutrition we need and adds unhealthy fats, sugars, and salts to our bodies—which women over 50 don’t need!

Old and Probably Expired Makeup

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Just like expired food can harm our health, expired makeup can do the same to our skin. Once your makeup has expired, it becomes a breeding ground for harmful bacteria and fungi. According to the Mayo Clinic, should you use them, bacteria and fungi will spread throughout your skin, causing you to break out and suffer from bacterial or fungal infections. Expired or old makeup can also lead to rashes or, worse, cold sores!

A Mattress Older Than Your Children

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The Sleep Company shares some notable dangers when sleeping on an old mattress. For one, old mattresses could be why you wake up lazy and dull the next day; they don’t give you the support you need, leading to sleep deprivation. Another thing to consider is that you may get an infected throat or lungs! Old mattresses, after all, are home to external germs, bacteria, and microbes that cause respiratory disorders and illnesses.

Worn-Out, Uncomfortable Furniture

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We get it; furniture can have sentimental value, too. However, studies show that when people replace old furniture or cushions, levels of harmful chemicals and dust drop significantly. This is important because exposure to toxic chemicals related to old furniture has been associated with increased risks of cancer, infertility, thyroid disease, and more.

Sunscreen That’s at Least Three Years Old

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Some articles say sunscreen remains stable and at its original strength for up to three years. However, the Food and Drug Administration notes that to keep it in good condition, it must be stored in a place without sun. If you use sunscreen that’s expired or in bad condition, it will no longer be effective, increasing your risk for sunburn, sun damage, and even skin cancer.

Shoes That Hurt Your Feet

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The American Podiatric Medical Association conducted a study on Americans who suffer from foot ailments. The results revealed that more than 70% of participants reported suffering from heel pain. Then, 64% of Americans reported wearing shoes that hurt their feet! When shoes don’t accommodate your feet correctly—whether in width or length—foot pain and disorders may occur; some of these include toe deformity, calluses, or corns.

Expired Medications

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While there are articles that say there is no scientific evidence to prove that expired medication can be toxic, the Food and Drug Administration still recommends people veer away from this habit. Aside from being less effective, expired medicine can be risky because its chemical composition has already changed or decreased in strength. The Food and Drug Administration says, “Certain expired medications are at risk of bacterial growth, and sub-potent antibiotics can fail to treat infections, leading to more serious illnesses and antibiotic resistance.”

An Old Coffee Maker

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The main issue with old coffee makers is that they have accumulated so much dirt and bacteria over time. Some of the most commonly found were the Pseudomonas and the Enterococcus. These bacteria can cause infection in those with weakened immune systems or cause urinary tract infections and other digestive issues.

Bras That Don’t Fit Right

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If there’s one thing that’s true, it’s that your bra size in your 20s isn’t your bra size in your 50s. As humans, we constantly evolve, but perhaps this statement is even more accurate for women as they grow and give birth to children. Santa Catarina State University said, “Older women may face greater challenges to find a bra with a good fit due to anatomical and physiological changes associated with aging.” When you don’t wear a bra that fits correctly, the straps and wire can create tightness and soreness in your shoulders and body.

Dirty, Old Hairbrushes

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Like other old, dirty things, our old hairbrushes are also breeding grounds for bacteria, yeast, and mold. These can all contaminate your scalp, leading to congestion and inflammation. This is especially harmful to middle-aged and older women because, according to Hair Biology, as they age, their hair becomes drier and becomes more brittle.

Old or Yellowed Towels

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Your towels can get so dirty or old that they slowly turn yellow due to oxidation. This can also be because towels aren’t deeply cleaned, so the stains penetrate the towel over time, and yellowing occurs. However, one should be wary because, per Time Magazine, “Dirty towels can carry a huge variety of microbes, and they’ve even been linked to spreading infectious disease.”

Old Cans of Paint

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The Vermont Department of Environmental Conservation warns people about the dangers of keeping old paint cans in the house. According to their article, old paint contains harmful and toxic chemicals such as mercury and lead. If a person, especially an elderly person or a very young child, is exposed to these dangerous chemicals, their health may be compromised.

Old or Expired Perfumes

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You may have been gifted your favorite perfume when you turned 40. However, according to La Maison du Parfum, some perfumes begin to expire in less than a year; the average for any fragrance is three to five years. So, if you’re pushing 50, it’d be best to toss out your old perfume! Aside from resulting in an unpleasant smell, expired perfumes can also cause skin irritations or allergic reactions.

Chipped Dishes

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We understand that some dishes and items in your home hold sentimental value. While chipped dishes might seem minor, remember that they can also cause serious health issues. Cutting through your hands, mouth, and skin is an obvious consequence. However, House Digest notes that they can also be home to harmful bacteria, as these microorganisms can thrive in tiny crevices and cracks—no matter how many times you wash them!

Unused Exercise Equipment

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Unused exercise equipment just takes up space and collects dust in one’s home. However, AKFIT Fitness notes that there are also other safety concerns when it comes to exercise equipment. For example, if you have equipment lying around, it’d be easy for someone—even you—to trip over them! Women should be more cautious of this because, sadly, they are more prone to fractures and osteoporosis than men.

Overly Tight, Trendy Clothing

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Clothes should make you feel your best. So, even if times change and super-tight clothing becomes popular, women in their 50s shouldn’t blindly change their whole wardrobe to tight clothes. Studies show that overly tight clothing affects one’s physical activity and posture. Tight jeans can also compress one’s nerves and cause tingling and numbness because of the hampered blood circulation!

Old Holiday and Birthday Cards

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We’re sure that in your 50s, you’ve already received a lot of greeting cards. In fact, there could be such an abundance that you don’t even know where to begin. So, remember that as much as it’s okay to keep special cards, it’s also okay to let go of other cards that don’t spark joy or hold meaning for you anymore.

Books You Don’t Love

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You may have so many books that you don’t love. Or, you can also have tons of books on your to-be-read list that you just can’t—or don’t want to—start on. When your place is overflowing with books, perhaps it’s time to let go of a couple. Don’t worry; you don’t have to toss them out; you can donate them to libraries, Goodwill, daycare centers, schools, retirement homes, and even prisons!

Items You’re Saving for Your Future Grandkids

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It’s lovely to think about your future grandchildren and save stuff you want them to keep someday. However, one should be more mindful of the pressure and burden of this. Aside from this, one could become disillusioned with their imagined futures, especially when their children don’t plan to have their own kids.

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