20 Everyday Items and Activities That Will No Longer Be Around in the Coming Years

The only constant thing in this world is change, and as our world keeps changing, innovation and breakthroughs are unavoidable. With these advancements, however, comes the possibility of some everyday items and activities becoming outdated. From traditional paper maps and payphones, these examples of the rapid pace of modernization give us a glimpse of how fast our world is being reshaped and improved.

Phone Numbers

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Traditional phone numbers are becoming less and less needed in today’s society. Yes, your phone may come with your personal number, but when was the last time you actually used it like you needed it? In reality, phone numbers and traditional calls and texts are being replaced with virtual messages and communication using apps like Messenger, Instagram, and more.

Wired or Plug-in Charging

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With the continuous advancement of technology, the need for plug-in or wired charging is gradually diminishing. The rise of wireless charging is a testament to this progress, offering a simple and convenient way to power up your devices without cords, adaptors, or sockets!

3.5 mm Headphone Jacks

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Once upon a time, the 3.5mm headphone jack was the only gateway to listening to music privately. However, in today’s world, it’s rare to see someone using wired headphones. The convenience of wireless earphones or headphones, connected via our phones’ Bluetooth function, has revolutionized our music experience.

Remote Controls

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Smart home devices are slowly making their way into our everyday lives and replacing traditional or conventional home items. For example, lights, speakers, and even the air conditioning unit can now be controlled using an app on one’s phone! Forbes notes, “In partnership with apps, smartphones, and tablets could gradually take over the job of the remotes that control home entertainment.”

Physical Keys

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Losing your keys is a thing of the past, as smartphones and smart devices are our new keys. Today, more and more people don’t even need to bring their physical home keys to unlock their front door, as there are advanced and high-tech locks that can be operated with just a touch of a finger, a look into one’s eyes, or a tap into one’s phone. Ezlo shares, “One of the advantages of having a keyless automatic door lock is it is safe from picking. With a keyless automatic door lock, you would not have to bother about losing or forgetting your keys.”

Conventional Electrical Sockets

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While it won’t happen in the next five years, conventional electrical sockets or plugs will likely become obsolete. This is because USB charging ports are becoming increasingly popular. They are also pretty convenient, as they are universal.


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It’s no surprise that the rise of mobile phones led to the near extinction of payphones in the 21st century. New York City, which once had around 30,000 payphones, removed its last public payphone in the area in 2022. However, some enthusiasts believe that despite being a novelty, payphones are also lifelines for those in need.

External Hard Drives

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Hard drives were once believed to be the epitome of storage. However, today, some believe hard drives aren’t enough to store what they need to save; some also think bringing something so bulky and wired everywhere is a hassle. So, people are shifting to cloud or online storage instead of external hard drives.

Digital Cameras

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Though digital cameras are making a slight comeback because of their novelty, there’s no denying how much the need for them has declined in recent years. Today, smartphones, especially the flagship phones of Samsung and Apple, produce much better-quality photos compared to those from most digital cameras. They’re also a lot less bulky, especially when one’s traveling.

Paper Maps

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If you ask a teenager today to direct you to a place using a paper map, chances are they’ll find it hard to figure out even where you currently are. This is because today’s generation grew up with GPS navigation systems and digital mapping applications such as Google Maps. Research explains, “Google Maps helps users choose different types of transportation, like bus, train, car, etc. Google Maps also gives the distance for traveling from one place to another.”

Smoking or Cigarettes

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Many might be surprised that smoking has steadily declined in the US, UK, Australia, parts of Europe, and even large chunks of Latin America in recent years. This is because people are starting to quit or shift to other alternatives. Gallup News adds, “Not only has the percentage of US smokers declined, but so has the amount of smoking among current smokers.”

Checkout Counters and Checkout Lines

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Long checkout lines have long been the bane of shoppers. However, this will likely be the least of their worries as technology progresses. In fact, high-tech shops like Amazon Go allow shoppers to connect their payment methods to their Amazon apps. When people shop in Amazon Go, the items in their carts get scanned accordingly, and they get charged automatically for what they bring out of the store—no need for checkout counters or lines!

Physical Business Cards

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Physical business cards were a must for every corporate employee. However, today, business cards are considered more of a form of clutter than something actually helpful in making connections. QR codes are becoming increasingly popular, and those who want to promote themselves or their business use them instead of cards. For example, you’d see YouTubers sharing the QR codes on their pages instead of giving people actual cards.

Manual Transmission Cars

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Technological advancements push manual transmission cars to the brink of extinction. In fact, manual vehicles made up less than 1% of the cars sold in the US in 2021. The rise of Teslas and other self-driving cars makes it more and more inconvenient to own and drive a manual transmission vehicle in today’s world.

Parking Meters

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Parking meters were an essential part of everyday life. However, today, many mobile apps offer more convenience. For example, ParkMobile allows people to find and pay for parking using the mobile app. There are also more city-specific apps like meterUP Parking, which services Philadelphia.

Writing on Paper

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Just a couple of years ago, you’d hardly see anyone in school taking notes in anything other than a notebook and a pen. However, in recent years, more and more people are using their laptops to take notes. Even more recently, people are shifting to tablets or iPads when writing anything or taking notes. There’s even a screen protector for iPads called Paperlike, which emulates the stroke resistance of actual paper.

Landline Phone Lines

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Landline infrastructure is very old; some even date back to the 19th century. This makes it increasingly difficult for people to maintain and repair landlines, and with the rise of smartphones, even the need to replace or repair them is diminished. The Washington Post shares, “About 73% of American adults lived in a household without a landline at the end of last year—a figure that has tripled since 2010.”

Alarm Clocks

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In old movies, people usually wake up to an alarm clock beside their bed. However, today, most people no longer own one. Instead, they use their smartphones to set their alarms. What makes smartphone alarms even more convenient is that people can schedule alarms even days or months in advance, should they need a reminder!


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In the same way that alarm clocks are becoming obsolete, calculators may soon face the same fate. Smartphones, computers, laptops, and tablets have their calculators, making the need for an actual calculator close to nothing.


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Drinking itself may probably never disappear from the human race’s culture. However, because of technology, people are facing fewer consequences when it comes to alcohol drinking, such as hangovers. For example, in South Korea, there are drinkable shot-style liquids that are considered to be hangover cures. These are very accessible and cheap, too, ranging anywhere between $3 to $10!

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