20 Annoying Things Men Do in Relationships That Women Absolutely Can’t Stand

Men and women are understandably different, but while some differences in behavior can appear complimentary, others just grate on women’s nerves! Anything from men avoiding serious topics, being too possessive, or even leaving the toilet seat up can all cause women to pull at their hair! If you want to learn more, read on; we’ve got some of the most common things men should be mindful of to avoid their women’s wrath!

Displaying Overbearing Possessiveness

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There are times when a man showing possessiveness can be attractive. However, sometimes, there’s a fine line between acting cute and clingy and being possessive and overly controlling. When a man starts limiting who you meet with or talk to, it could signify a latter. And, for many women, this is simply annoying and frustrating.

Not Cleaning up After Themselves and Leaving the Toilet Seat Up

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One of the biggest pet peeves women worldwide have for their partners is how they never put down the toilet seat. It’s an inconvenience and also unhygienic. Aside from this, some men are notorious for not cleaning up after themselves, like not putting their dirty clothes in the hamper, not loading the dishwasher, and more.

Invalidating Her Feelings

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No one would be happy with a partner who doesn’t respect their thoughts and opinions. So, it’s only natural for a woman to get annoyed at their husband or boyfriend if they regularly invalidate her feelings. Growing Self Counseling & Coaching notes, “Emotional invalidation can be the root cause of so many relationship issues, from feeling distant and disconnected to arguing all the time. And most of us don’t even realize when we’re invalidating our partners!”

Ignoring Boundaries and Encroaching on Her Personal Space

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Everyone has a rule regarding their personal space, and no matter what happens or whoever you are, you must respect that. Men might think women always need someone to hold their hands or hug them, but in reality, some women highly value their personal space. If they tell you to back off or give them time, do it!

Assuming Traditional Gender Roles When It Comes to the Household

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Traditional roles limit a person’s capabilities, and sadly, they usually degrade women, too. What men must remember is that adhering to gender roles can significantly and negatively impact their relationships by creating power imbalances between the two people involved. At the end of the day, these may even lead to resentment and frustration.

Not Understanding That “No” Means “No”

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“No” is a two-letter word that can sometimes be hard for some people to understand. However, for all men out there, remember that when a woman tells you no—regardless of the context—it will always mean no. Women find it very disrespectful and dismissive of their feelings if you still push for something when they already clearly said they were against it.

Being Too Stingy and Tightfisted

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Being frugal can be good, especially when you’re a married couple trying to make ends meet. However, frugality is very different from tightfistedness and being too stingy. No woman wants to feel as if their man abhors treating them to something good—even if it’s just a quick stop at the nearest McDonald’s!

Jumping Into Conclusions and Making Unwarranted Assumptions

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While many men say that women are the ones who always jump to conclusions, it can’t be contested that they, too, do this. Women in relationships get frustrated when this happens because it can feel as if their feelings, perspectives, and experiences are being invalidated. In the long run, no matter who jumps to conclusions or makes unwarranted assumptions, the result will be the same: trust and respect in the relationship will be damaged.

Being Oblivious to the Room’s Mood and Atmosphere

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Compared to men, women are typically known to be more self-aware. Because of this, some men might struggle to read the room, especially since they have different communication styles that prevent them from picking up on subtle signals and cues. If left ignored, it might lead you to put your wife or girlfriend in a difficult position. Starting today, be more mindful and conscious of how your actions and words affect others!

Talking Over Her and Ignoring Her Input

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Men can be prideful; they want everything to go as they’ve planned, and they want to always assert their good qualities. However, remember that in a relationship, you’re in a partnership with your significant other. This means you shouldn’t speak over your partner and ignore her input. Each of you has valuable insights to share, so you should be open to what they say and let them finish before asserting your stance or opinions.

Leaving Texts Unanswered

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Men are notorious for leaving messages unanswered; if they do answer, it’s usually just one-word replies. This is very frustrating and painful for women, especially when they’ve put a lot of time and effort into crafting their message for you. Forbes shares, “We all know that rejection hurts, but neuroscience has concluded that it does, in fact, literally, hurt. While the brain does not process emotional pain and physical pain identically, the reaction and cascading events are very similar, and a natural chemical—painkiller mu-opioid—is released during both events.”

Breaking Promises and Repeatedly Bailing on Her

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Let’s face it; some men just like spending time with the bros rather than their special someone. For example, a study showed that young men get more emotional satisfaction when they hang out with their friends than with their girlfriends. However, if you’re a man who thinks the same way, have you ever considered how unfair it is for your significant other? Women aren’t asking you to spend every waking moment with them, and if you’re in a relationship and you genuinely love them, they should be one of your top priorities!

Giving Too Much Unsolicited Advice

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Women sometimes have a lot going on; when they do, they need an ear to hear them out or a shoulder to cry on. What they don’t need, however, is men babbling away, giving them unsolicited advice. Though you may mean well, sometimes, they just don’t need it. Instead of helping, unsolicited advice can even cause extra stress!

Thinking Women Are Damsels in Distress

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Men crave to be their women’s knight in shining armor. However, remember, women aren’t as helpless and fragile as you deem them to be. They are strong, capable, and resilient, and they certainly aren’t damsels in distress that need your 24/7 assistance.

Holding Her Period Responsible for Her Emotions

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Women are emotional beings; that’s true. However, it’s simply unfair for their partners—men—to blame what they are feeling on their periods. They can get upset for several reasons, and you shouldn’t always blame her so-called mood swings on her menstrual cycle; if you do this, you’re just making things worse!

Always Preferring Male Advice Over Hers

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At some point in life, people will undoubtedly need help or pieces of advice; when that happens, we usually turn to the people we trust the most. If someone’s in a relationship, you’d expect them to ask their partners for advice, but men apparently commonly seek advice from their male friends. A study from the University of Winchester explains, “A bromance offers a deep sense of unburdened disclosure and emotionality based on trust and love.” However, women may find this insulting and dismissive; after all, they, too, can offer unique insights on an issue!

Being Too Much of a Show-off

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A nice car, a big house, and more are alluring to some women out there. However, if you’ve found a good partner who cares more about who you are as a person and not your material possessions, they will undoubtedly be annoyed at your tendencies of being too much of a show-off. Instead of flaunting your wealth to your partner, make it a point to show your values as a person and how much you genuinely love and care for them!

Not Taking Important, Weighty Topics Seriously

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Men sometimes tend to take on a light, joking approach to most things in life. However, sometimes, women just want to take things seriously, especially if it’s a matter that can significantly affect their lives. Some examples of this would be a person’s vulnerability or insecurity, relationship problems, financial concerns, and even one’s goals and ambitions. Remember, avoidance will never solve anything!

Constantly Teasing Her About Her Physical Appearance

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Many women are already self-conscious about their bodies. So, if their partner constantly teases them about their eyes, nose, lips, waist, or even feet, they panic, thinking what they said as a joke is rooted in facts. In the long run, constant teasing can also damage a woman’s self-confidence and create a sense of being objectified.

Judging and Making Comments on Her Personal Purchases

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In a stereotypical world, women shop a lot more than men. However, if the money they are spending is their money, men have no right to comment on their purchases. If they want to buy a $50 foundation or lipstick, it’s up to them!

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