20 Alluring Traits That Make Men Irresistibly Charming to Women

Sparks can fly instantly when a woman locks eyes with a man from across the room. However, to deepen their bond further, they must get to know each other and see if they can connect in different aspects of life. Women must also see for themselves if a man can be a good provider and protector for her and their future family and if he can make her laugh, take risks, and more. If you want a guide that can help you be in tip-top shape before the next time you go on a date, check out this list of the top 20 things women find attractive in men!

Personality and a Good Sense of Humor

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Psychology Today notes that while men look for women who can appreciate their sense of humor, women want men who can make them laugh. Humor is one of the most important traits someone looks for in a romantic partner, and it’s no surprise why. After all, aside from the intelligence it takes to have a humorous side, having a great personality and a sense of humor also gives your partner a preview of the enjoyable times you’ll have in the future.

Selflessness and Altruism

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A study by the University of Nottingham reveals that selflessness and altruism are among the top things that make a person more attractive in another person’s eyes. Acts of selflessness or altruism, like caring for an elderly neighbor or volunteering in one’s community, are helping behaviors that make individuals significantly more attractive.


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Often, men’s approaches can be considered unwanted and, in the worst-case scenario, even a form of harassment. That’s why sometimes it’s better for women to approach men. However, most women think men are unapproachable, and when no one makes a move, both men and women will fail, and there will be no relationship whatsoever. Women don’t like rejection, and if a man is sending signals that they don’t want to be approached, then women, out of fear of rejection, will back down.

Good Hygiene

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Initially, things like body odor or dirty nails can seem insignificant. However, if you have a partner who doesn’t have good personal hygiene, then imagine yourself getting stuck with them for the rest of your life; it would be such torture. Kurt Smith, a therapist specializing in counseling men from Roseville, California, was quoted in HuffPost. He said, “Poor hygiene can have a big impact on relationships; it can affect attraction and physical intimacy, but communication as well, as it can become a source of regular conflict.”


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Joann Cohen, a dating coach and matchmaker from Phoenix, notes that most women she talked to really look for confidence in a man. They want people who know who they are and what they want. Confidence also alludes to being able to care for and protect their partners.

A Man Unafraid of His Emotions

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Women are known to be more expressive of their emotions than men because men are conditioned from a young age to believe that being emotional is a weakness. However, being open about one’s emotions is essential in life, not only in relationships. Elyane Youssef of the Elephant Journal also shares, “Without emotional maturity, our relationships might never succeed.”


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An ambitious man means he can become a good provider for a woman. Skill of Attraction notes that this is all part of a woman’s instinctual need to find a protector and provider for her and her future family. Though it is partly about money and the physical ability to provide, it can go much deeper than that, too.

Modesty and Humility

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Because of social media, it’s easy to get caught up in wanting to do more and excel more. Sometimes, we want to display an air of confidence around us and make ourselves seem accomplished and successful. However, there’s a fine line between this and arrogance. You’ll stand out more if you’re modest, humble, and honest about yourself.

A Great Smile

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A great smile is one of the top things women look for when it comes to a man’s physical attractiveness. In fact, Sage Journals notes, “Smiling may be one of the most influential determinants of facial attractiveness because it is a universal emotional display and it conveys a powerful nonverbal cue that is important in social interactions.” An article published in Psychology Today also backs this claim up, stating that as one smiles, people treat them differently. They automatically become viewed as reliable, relaxed, sincere, and attractive.

A Deep Voice

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Smithsonian Magazine shared a study by researchers from the University College of London. The findings regarding the attractiveness of voice were simple and easy to understand. Long story short, women preferred deep, male voices because this conveyed that the speaker had a large frame. Aside from this, Health Digest notes, “A deeper voice communicates a man is masculine, dominant, strong, and genetically fit,” further emphasizing a woman’s want to be protected and cared for.


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Fights are inevitable in a relationship. So, women typically gravitate more toward mindful and calm men because they are less angry when they argue with their partners. They are also more empathetic in general, which makes this quality aligned with a woman’s need to find a man who’s unafraid of his emotions.


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There’s a fine line between being nice and being a pushover, and no woman wants a pushover in a man. So, instead of focusing on being nice, it’s more important to be respectful. As Medium notes, “Respect is the number one factor in building attraction.”


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Thoughtfulness doesn’t equate to material things. In fact, you don’t have to spend a dime to prove to a woman that you’re a thoughtful man. Being thoughtful means you care, you listen, and you’re considerate. You remember the little things and try to make your woman smile through them.

A Romantic Side

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It’s a common thing to say that women are more attracted to men that are taken. However, this doesn’t always equate to cheating. It’s just that they can see their romantic side and, therefore, know that they are attracted to that kind of man. Discover Magazine notes, “Females can try to assess male genes and paternal attributes based on physical or behavioral clues, like shiny coats or sexy mating dances, or they can skip the search entirely and pick partners previously deemed mate-worthy by others.”

A Good Work Ethic

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A good work ethic goes hand in hand with ambition. This is because when a man only has ambition but doesn’t know how to work hard for their dreams, then nothing will come out of it. Women find this trait attractive because it’s a sure way for an ambitious man to be able to provide for her and their future family.


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Maturity usually comes with age, but not always. However, women’s partners must be mature and independent. This is because mature men can communicate more effectively and handle challenges better.

Good Style or Fashion Sense

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Though often overlooked, fashion can change and shape lives. Men who are more mindful of their style or fashion sense can even attract more women. SBNRI states, “When a man is well-dressed, women can see it. Suitable clothing enhances your appearance, and a man with a good fashion sense is attractive and will attract many ladies.”


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Being fatherly is being nurturing. Nurturing, however, is a trait often associated with women. So, when men are fatherly, they are able to display their sensitive side to women, thus relating to them on a biological level.

Having a Dog as a Pet

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Some might think that having a dog or a pet makes someone immediately more attractive. If you thought the same way, then you’d be right! In fact, according to Anivive Lifesciences, “Dog owners have more empathy, are better at communicating, and are more willing to show affection, which are all attractive to potential mates.” Dogs unknowingly make their owners better at relationships because pet owners would have to understand what their dogs are trying to say, and they’d have to shower them with care and affection, too.

Adventurous or a Risk Taker

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One thing women look for in a man, especially if they’re looking for a short-term relationship, is a man who knows how to take risks. However, this is more limited to women with better access to healthcare or women from upper socioeconomic backgrounds. Dr. Goodman from The University of Western Australia explains, “Women in healthier countries may have greater control over whether they become pregnant in a short-term relationship—through contraceptives and abortion—and therefore can afford to choose a risk-prone male partner.”

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