19 Things You Thought You’d Never Learn About the Holy Trinity

The Holy Trinity, made up of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, is a foundational part of the Christian faith. Though many still contest its existence, there’s no denying that the majority of Christians believe in and follow a trinitarian church and belief system. Dive deep into several exciting things you might be surprised to learn about the Holy Trinity through our list!

The Uniqueness of the Holy Trinity

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While the existence of the Holy Trinity isn’t accepted by all Christian subsects, such as Iglesia ni Cristo, Jehova’s Witnesses, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and more, it’s something we can consider uniquely Christian. Journal-Advocate notes, “Hindus worship thousands of gods and believe there may be millions more; Muslims say there is only one true god named Allah, but strongly deny that he could exist in three persons, and vigorously attack the doctrine of the Trinity. As to Buddhists, it’s hard to say whether they believe in a personal god at all because the Buddha himself said the issue of god’s existence is just not that important. Only Christians acknowledge the Three-in-One God, and this makes Christianity entirely unique among all the world’s faith systems.”

Prayer Is Rooted in a Trinitarian Structure

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If you’re a Christian, we’re sure you’ve prayed at least once in your life, and if you have, then you know that you have to start all your prayers with the sign of the cross. This, in and of itself, is proof of the existence of the Holy Trinity and how prayer is rooted in a trinitarian structure. After all, when you do the sign of the cross, you say, “In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”

How the Holy Trinity Is Perceived in Different Denominations

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The Holy Trinity is so foundational to Christianity that it is depicted in all denominations. While it might be interpreted slightly differently, the meaning is clear. As much as it is essential in Western Christian organizations, it can also be found at the center of communities in Asia and Africa.

Controversies That Surround the Holy Trinity

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The Holy Trinity has had its fair share of controversies over the centuries. One of the most notable is the Alexandrian presbyter Arius, who, in the 4th century AD, claimed that Christ is “not truly divine but a created being.” This implied that there was only God and that Jesus wasn’t part of the spiritual principality.

Breaking Down the Trinity

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The Bible breaks down the Trinity in Matthew. It is defined as God existing in three separate entities. In fact, many believe that Matthew 28:19 proves the existence of the Holy Trinity. As Jesus said in the verse above, “Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

The Relevance of Trinity Sunday

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Most Christian celebrations are based on events like Easter, which celebrates Christ’s death and resurrection, and Christmas, which celebrates Christ’s birth. However, Trinity Sunday commemorates a doctrine—the most essential doctrine in the Christian faith.

Architecture Depicting the Holy Trinity

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The Holy Trinity has been a source of inspiration for many architects over the centuries. Much of Eastern European architecture in medieval times was based on the Holy Trinity, which is still standing today.

Misinterpretations of the Holy Trinity

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As with most Biblical teachings, the Holy Trinity is vulnerable to misinterpretation. It is more so because it’s particularly complex. One common misunderstanding is that it means three Gods connected or three entities that ultimately belong to God.

The Holy Trinity and Christian Worship

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Many hymns, modern worship songs, and prayers spoken at church and during worship depict the Trinity. Christians are said to be “in the presence of Christ and with the Holy Spirit within them.”

The Relationship Between the Holy Trinity and Feminism

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As the world has modernized, so has theologians’ approach to traditional Christian symbols. Some feminists in theology are critical of the masculinity portrayed through the Trinity, preferring to see the Holy Spirit in a more feminine light.

How the Holy Trinity Has Been Depicted in Art

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Many famous artists have been inspired by Christianity in the past. The Holy Spirit, part of the Holy Trinity, has usually been depicted through images of a white dove, though some works illustrate him through the body of a man, too. One of the most famous examples of artwork showing the Trinity includes the one by El Greco, which was created in 1577. It’s an oil on canvas painting aptly titled “The Holy Trinity.”

The Origins of the Holy Trinity

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What’s particularly interesting about the Holy Trinity is that the word “trinity” doesn’t appear in the Bible. However, this isn’t to say that it’s not one of the most essential parts of Christianity. According to the National Catholic Register, many biblical references to the Holy Trinity exist. Those supporting the existence of the Holy Trinity also go back to Genesis 1:26, Genesis 3:22, and Genesis 11:7, when God referred to Himself as a plural number of beings.

Biblical Evidence of the Holy Trinity

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Because Jesus wasn’t crucified until the New Testament, most references to the Holy Trinity can be found in the latter book. In the New Testament, the Bible says anyone who wants to follow Christ needs to be baptized “in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.”

Proof of the Holy Trinity in Early Christianity

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Soon after Jesus’s death, depictions of the Holy Trinity appeared in general Church writings. Writings as early as 323 AD state that the Son is the same as the Father. And though many might still contest the existence of the Holy Trinity, the fact remains that the early church was trinitarian because the Bible itself, as proven by many Bible verses, is trinitarian.

Biblical Importance of the Holy Trinity

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The Holy Trinity is such an essential part of Christianity that many Christians use it to separate Christianity from other religions. After all, the belief in the Holy Trinity is the core and foundation of true Christianity. Journal-Advocate explains, “No other religion believes in one God who is also three persons.”

How Saints Relate to the Holy Trinity

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Many saints in history have acknowledged and spoken about the existence of the Holy Trinity in Christianity. St. Augustine said, “For to have the fruition of God the Trinity, after whose image we are made, is indeed the fullness of our joy, than which there is no greater.” Other trinitarian saints include St. John of Martha, St. John the Baptist of the Conception, St. Michael of the Saints, and more.

The Holy Trinity in Modern Times

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The existence of the Holy Trinity remains as much of a debate today as it was in the past. Even so, it has been reinterpreted many times as different theologians have examined Biblical texts and historical data. Even so, true Christians today believe that the Holy Trinity exists and is at the center of their relationship with God—no relationship with Him can exist without Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

The Holy Trinity and Pop Culture

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No specific movie focuses solely on explaining the existence of the Holy Trinity. However, one of the more well-known pieces is “The Passion of the Christ.” While Jesus’s suffering and pain were some of the more common themes of the movie, it does not forget to highlight the Holy Spirit’s role in Jesus’s relationship with God. “The Shack” is another movie that nicely encapsulates and depicts the role of the Holy Trinity in our relationship with the divine.

The Holy Trinity Will Always Be a Part of You

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The Holy Trinity isn’t something visible or tangible, but it’s still the driving force of every Christian’s journey in life. So, whether you believe in its existence or not, the Trinity will always be a part of you if you’re Christian.

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