19 Things Women Would Only Do with the Men They’ll Spend the Rest of Their Lives With

Love makes the world go round, and when a woman loves you with all her heart, you’ll know it because her actions speak louder than words! You’ll notice her listening to your every word, trying to get to know you more intimately, giving you gentle, loving touches, and reaching out to your family and friends. Her actions will speak volumes, and if you need help figuring out if it’s time to take the next step, being aware of the most common ways she’ll show her affection will give you the answers you’re looking for!

She Talks About Having a Future With You

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A standard advice given to a lot of young people is to “collect and then select.” However, there comes a time when you feel as if you’re ready to settle down with your significant other and build a life together. One of the ways to know if your girlfriend is ready for the same kind of commitment is if she talks about having a future with you. Women are born with maternal instincts that make them want to start a family, but they will never even consider doing so if they don’t love the man they’re with.

She Wants to Know Every Detail About You That Makes You, You

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Relationships are a two-way street. Women offer everything to their partners because they want them to get to know them. But at the same time, they crave knowing everything about their boyfriend, too. Verywell Mind shares, “People in passionate love want to know everything about their partner. They also want their partner to know everything about them.”

She Craves the Emotional Comfort and Support Only You Can Give

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Women who are in love want their significant others to be the person they can count on the most. They crave the comfort and security men can bring because it makes them feel like they’re not alone in facing the rocky waters of life’s seas. At the same time, finding emotional comfort and support from their partners enhances women’s feelings of connectedness in their relationships.

She’s Willing to Go the Extra Mile for You

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You’ll know when a woman loves you if she goes the extra mile for you. Women usually want to be chased by men. However, if they’re truly attracted and in love with you, it doesn’t matter if she’s the one who needs to do the chasing. Rest assured, she’ll show you how big her love for you is through little actions and efforts here and there.

She Relishes Having Deep, Meaningful Conversations With You

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Because women want to know everything about the men they love, they crave having deep, emotional, and meaningful conversations with them. Kristen Stone, a clinical psychologist, explains, “Conversation injects our relationships with three essential nutrients for emotional connection—attention, empathy, and vulnerability—and potentially plenty of other bonus emo-nutrients like loyalty, validation, and affirmation.”

She Makes an Effort to Build a Relationship With Your Family and Friends

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One of the things that men think is attractive is when their partners have a good relationship with their family and friends. Women know this, so they try to build relationships with those close to you. She knows these people are important to you, so she proactively decides to connect with them so she can get closer to you.

She’s Physically Affectionate With You, and Only You

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Some studies show that men get more jealous when it comes to sexual infidelity than emotional infidelity. Because of this, a woman’s natural response if she wants to convey to the man she’s dating that she’s in it for the long haul is to be physically affectionate to him and only him.

She Motivates and Backs You in Pursuing Your Dreams and Aspirations

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Whether you’re a man or a woman, as long as you’re in a relationship, you should support each other’s goals. However, women are known to take this a step further, especially if she’s truly in love with the man she’s with. She may not have the same dreams as you, but she’s willing to let you grow and develop so you can reach your goals. At times, she also makes sacrifices that allow you the time and space to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

She Makes It a Point to Introduce You to Her Closest Circle

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Similar to how there’s bromance, women also place a lot of value and importance on their close circle. She listens to the advice of her family and friends, and if she’s bringing you to meet with them, then it means she knows you’re someone they will approve of. According to Psychology Today, “We may like to think that our feelings for our partners are the only ones we need to consider, but the truth is that our romantic connections are embedded within our broader social lives. Thus, our romantic relationships occur in and around our broader social networks and relationships with family and friends.”

She Follows Her Maternal Instincts When She’s Around You

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Women are natural-born caregivers. So, when they’re with someone they love, like their significant other, they feel a strong urge to care for them and do everything to show them how much they love them.

She Acknowledges and Respects the Efforts You Put Into the Relationship

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Because of women’s natural instincts to be caring, they are naturally more intuitive and understanding than men. This is the opposite for men who are not intuitively driven to create intimate relationships. Even so, it doesn’t mean they’re not trying. It just takes a dedicated woman to know how their partner shows effort in the relationship.

She Goes the Extra Mile to Make You Smile

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Though many people say that relationships are complicated, at the end of the day, the two people simply want each other to be happy. This is especially so for women, who strive to know how they can make their partners feel loved and appreciated—not just in general but in a way that truly resonates with them. Because of this, they go the extra mile to surprise you with little things or actions that will make you smile.

She Trusts You With Her Secrets, Past, and Most Vulnerable Self

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Whether you’re a man or a woman, being truly open and vulnerable to someone is hard. So, if your girlfriend or wife opens up about her secrets or past and gives you a view of her most vulnerable self, don’t take it for granted. This means she truly loves and trusts you—even with what she deems are the ugliest parts of her.

She Stands by You Even During the Darkest Days

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Life can get rocky, and if you’re with someone who isn’t committed to you all the way, you’ll realize that they’ll leave you high and dry when the challenges come in. However, if your partner truly loves you, she’ll stick with you through all the ups and downs and thicks and thins. As a part of the marriage vows goes, “To have and to hold from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health.”

She Never Disregards Your Thoughts, Opinions, and Advice

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We, as humans, can be pretty prideful. We want to believe that we’re always right and no one else knows better than us. However, love and relationships teach you about humility, understanding, and openness. When you’ve found a woman who truly loves you, you’ll know it because she never disregards or takes your genuine concern and advice for granted.

She’s Forgiving, Even When You Feel as if You Don’t Deserve It

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We all make mistakes, but sometimes, forgiving someone for what they did is hard. However, women who genuinely love you will break down the walls and let compassion and love shine through. Because she values her relationship with you, she believes in giving second chances—even third, fourth, or fifth! When this happens, don’t take it for granted; do your best to become a better person who deserves her forgiveness and love.

She Strives to Make You a Better Version of Yourself

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The woman who truly loves you loves you for who you are. However, this doesn’t mean she’ll blindly accept all your vices and flaws—especially if these things are harming you. She might try to veer you away from some vices, like excessive drinking or smoking, drugs, and more. It’s hard and can get pretty annoying; even so, try to listen to her, as she only has your best interests at heart.

She’s Kind and Patient, Even When You’re the Exact Opposite

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Though both men and women can feel irritated at times, men are prone to having what’s called irritable male syndrome. They can get extra cranky, and it’s hard to deal with their wrath on the daily. However, someone who truly loves you won’t fight back; she’ll be kind and patient and help you find the good in everything.

She Looks at You With Love in Her Eyes

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Women fall in love with the little things you do, and sometimes, people say that you’ll know that someone loves you if you see how they look at you. When women look at you with admiration and love in their eyes, you’re likely doing something good! Perhaps you made her fall in love with you with the little things that make you, you. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t let the love in her eyes disappear!

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