17 Things Christians Do That Absolutely Bother and Annoy All the Non-Christians

Sadly, some Christians might not realize that their behavior is offending non-Christians. Their hypocritical and judgmental behaviors can be off-putting, pushing others to get annoyed and irritated with them. So, if you’re a Christian who wants to improve how others perceive your institution as a whole, read through to the end of this list to identify some key behaviors or habits you need to avoid!

Christians Can Be Pretty Hypocritical

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True believers of Christ are Christians because they love Him and follow His commandments to serve and know Him and to bring glory to His name. However, on the flip side, hypocritical Christians are those who make themselves look holy and good just for the sake of others’ judgments or for other selfish reasons.

Christians Are Self-Righteous and Threaten Non-believers With Never-Ending Suffering in Hell

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David Barash, a professor of psychology emeritus at the University of Washington, notes, “Religions, especially the Abrahamic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, have long used the threat of hell to terrify, manipulate, and thus control believers.” Case in point, Christians would typically go on and on about how they’d be concerned for someone’s soul because they hadn’t accepted Jesus in their hearts. However, in truth, Jesus said that Judgment Day would be more tolerable toward people from Sodom and Gomorrah—ancient cities wherein the gospel had not been heard, and therefore, its people didn’t believe in Christ or God—than His followers.

Christians Are Known to Proselytize

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In proselytism, for others to be saved, they must join a group that mediates redemption. Simply put, proselytization happens when religious groups become too focused on pulling more people into their institution. So, instead, Christians should foster evangelization, wherein people from institutions go outward to connect and engage with communities and people living away from the light of Christ. Reverend Steven Manskar was quoted by The Rapidian, saying, “Proselytization is violence; it is an act of pride rather than love.”

Christians Keep Twisting the Bible and the Scripture in Their Favor

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In line with Christian hypocrisy is how Christians twist the Scripture and God’s word in their favor. In fact, Peter, one of Jesus Christ’s apostles, has already warned people beforehand that people who will pervert and twist the Scripture will arise. Often, people who twist the Scripture do this for self-serving goals or goals rooted in greed and desire for monetary gain.

Many Christians Get Divorced, Even When They Say It Isn’t Biblical

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Divorce has never been promoted and encouraged in the Bible, and though some parts explain when it is allowed, there are lots of exceptions and rules to follow afterward. Even so, Bradley Wright, a professor and sociologist at the University of Connecticut, was quoted by Focus on the Family, and he noted that 38% of Christians who went to church regularly got divorced. On the flip side, 60% of those who claimed to be Christians but didn’t go to church regularly got divorced. This is a big chunk of divorcees, considering how much it’s frowned upon by the Bible.

Christians Are Judgmental, Especially Toward Non-Christians

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Sadly, Christians are notorious for being judgmental toward others, especially those whom they disagree with, like non-Christians. Because Christians aren’t supposed to judge, they hide beneath a mask of self-righteousness, claiming to serve God’s purpose and plans. However, instead of hate, anger, judgment, and self-righteousness, what true Christians should focus on is understanding, acceptance, and love.

Christians Blame Everything on Satan—or God

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When someone commits a sin, they automatically blame Satan for the wrongs they’ve done. However, though Satan can influence someone to do evil, he cannot control humans into committing such acts, and therefore, as Ezekiel 18 says, he cannot bear the guilt of the sins we commit. In hindsight, Christians also shouldn’t blame God for whatever adverse or untoward thing that happens. He gave us free will, but He isn’t a scapegoat, and true Christians should never blame Him instead of taking responsibility for their own actions, choices, and sins.

Christians Are Known to Have Very Controversial and Polarized Views on Homosexuality

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While some Christians are opening up to the idea of homosexuality, there is still a vast majority of believers who don’t condone the idea at all. However, the number of Bible-believing Christians who are homosexuals is rising, too. Almost 50% of LGBT adults in America are religious, and 1.3 million of them belong to a certain Christian religion.

Christians Are Inconsistent and Have Varying Opinions on LGBTQ Rights

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Because of their controversial and polarized views on homosexuality, there are also varied opinions when it comes to their views on LGBTQ rights. Some see it as sinful, while others support equality. So, though people try to understand each other, at the end of the day, their personal beliefs and the teachings of the church cloud or influence their opinions, pushing them to stick to tradition.

Christians Struggle With Facing Tough Questions, Disagreement From Others, and Doubt

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Disagreement from others, challenging questions, and doubt are all things that can shake one’s faith, beliefs, and identity. If a Christian isn’t a Christian in the truest sense, or they don’t act through Christ’s love and guidance, they can easily worry about losing what they believe in and fear being rejected by others, especially non-believers. They aren’t able to fight for their beliefs till the end because they are either hiding behind a mask of self-righteousness or being hypocrites.

Christians Care More About Following “Rules” Than Showing Kindness, Understanding, and Compassion

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God and Christ’s teachings are all about love, forgiveness, acceptance, and grace. Because of this, some Christians tend to become overly obsessed with external obedience and condemn others who don’t seem to follow the Bible’s teachings. However, following God’s love isn’t always shown externally; it’s intrinsic and changes the person within. No matter what happens, Christians should be kind and understanding because it’s the kind of love that Jesus wants everyone to have for others.

Christians Tend to Ignore the Poor

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The Bible has taught Christians that they should never shut their eyes, ears, and hearts to the poor, lest they want to be ignored during their own time of need. Even so, many people today turn a blind eye to the poor. Worse, some are even judgmental toward them.

Christians Are Notorious for Giving Religious Pamphlets Instead of Cash Tips

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One thing that immensely annoys non-Christians is how Christians would leave religious pamphlets instead of cash tips when they eat out in restaurants. Many believe this act is insensitive and selfish, especially toward those in need. After all, only money can help people pay their bills—not religious pamphlets! A user on Reddit is extremely against this practice, saying, “People that do this are the worst; they pretend they are holy and spreading the word, but know deep down they are cheap, greedy, and self-aggrandizing.”

Christians Are Cliquish

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One thing Christians are notorious for is being cliquish. There are some Christians who tend to form exclusive groups with other people within their church communities based on shared interests, backgrounds, or beliefs. Unfortunately, this can lead to them marginalizing or making others feel excluded—intentionally or unintentionally. This goes against Christ’s teachings of being accepting and loving of others, regardless of one’s differences, though.

Christians Are Known to Have Superficial Friendships

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As mentioned, Christians can be pretty cliquish, which poses a considerable obstacle to building meaningful relationships with others. If someone doesn’t share the same faith or beliefs as them, Christians won’t actively pursue building genuine and strong connections with them.

Christians Swear Like Everyone Else but Condemn Others Who Do

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Almost everyone swears nowadays. However, there are some Christians who condemn others who do, even if they or someone else from their religious group or community does the same. Profanity doesn’t reflect the character of Christ, and being judgmental of others when one does the same just goes to highlight the hypocrisy that some Christians possess.

Christians Bow Down to the Government

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Another way Christians can show their hypocrisy is by “bowing down” or idolizing the government or certain political figures. Christians, after all, are encouraged to prioritize God and Jesus over any worldly figure of authority. So, when a Christian seems to worship the government or a political figure, they fail to put God first, possibly forgetting the faith and teachings they believe in.

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